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  1. Every once in a while blue rings, like a target, appear on the ground in FS2020. If I kill FSUIPC and restart it the rings go away. This has happened with previous versions of FSUIPC in FS2020 as well. Not sure what can be done about it.
  2. I guess I should have asked for help earlier. ;-) Solved the problem. It was a fight between the Hold command and the autopilot on the G36 G1000. Once I matched them during level flight everything was okay. Guess I was activating the hold too early.
  3. I assigned a switch to FSUIPC_HOLD_PITCH and FSUIPC_HOLD_BANK. Bank works great, but pitch twitches. I can see the yoke move and the plane reacts. If I turn HOLD_PITCH off, things settle down but of course don't hold position unless I hold the joystick in one place. FSUIPC problem or FS2020 or hardward?
  4. Is there anyway to have access to the displayed atc text in P3d? In VR the menu doesn't show up. If I could capture it as text, I could have a text to speech program tell mw what is being displayed.
  5. Any chance the 64 bit version for P3Dv4 could start supporting more than 32 buttons? I see LINDA now does.
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