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  1. In the past, whenever I re-installed STB, my configuration settings (Callsign overrides, Aircraft settings, etc...) were lost and I had to start over again. Is there any way to back up or keep my old settings for any future reinstallations?
  2. Simon, what's the source for the airport names for STB? Is it possible to in P3Dv4.2 to personally change some data to provide a name? For example PHJH is Kapalua Airport in Hawaii.
  3. This is the flight plan. I was using a freeware SkySpirit2012 777-300ER. RKSI EGOBA G597 KARBU Y697 BIKSI G597 KAE Y437 BUSKO Y233 KANSU B467 NULAR PEMID A218 LISKI NCA80 ADREW NCA23 YSF NCA22 EPTIR YNE WIEDS J89 BAE J101 OBK J73 BNA KATL
  4. When using flightplans downloaded from RouteFinder, I find that AutoHdg doesn't make my plane proceed to the next waypoint. My 14 hour flight from RKSI to KATL ended up circling in one place just a couple hours into flight.
  5. flyunited1979

    The journey to Prepar3D V4

    Great work! Can't wait to test Beta 2 since it was a great experience testing Beta 1.
  6. flyunited1979

    The journey to Prepar3D V4

    Simon, I actually didn't import them from text - I had just added them in one by one in STB. There isn't any way to export them right? If you want I can create some dummy ones to test with.
  7. flyunited1979

    The journey to Prepar3D V4

    Just downloaded and installed V4 - seems to be working great! So far I just noticed that when I selected during installation to keep my V3 settings, it kept some settings but not others. For example, it retained my font settings, my Aircraft Objects settings and my Airline settings, but it did not port over my Callsign Overrides or Departure/Arrival State labels.
  8. flyunited1979

    The journey to Prepar3D V4

    I'm ready to test too!!!!

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