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  1. Hi Pete, I did what you suggested : uninstall saiteks drivers and devices, devices all connected directly to USB sockets on the PC. After that i configured P3D for Direct input (No RAW) because I had a api.dll error. And now it seems OK !!!! After 3 or 4 PC reboots P3D v4 with FSUIPC5 starts at the firs step. Now I can test LINDA and my Lua scripts. No HID reconnected in the log. The USB HUB was a problem too. My mistake was to think that what worked with P3D v3 + FSUIPC4 was good with P3D v4 + FSUIPC5. Thank you for your work on FSUIPC, it's a fantastic tool. Best regards, Christophe
  2. Hi, My HUB is powered. I will try with all devices connected directly. I don't understand what is different between the fisrt start of P3D (crash) and the second one that works. If it was the motherboard it always crash... Precision, when i say first and second start, it's with FSUIPC. If I start P3D without FSUIPC and that I restart it with FSUIPC == crash. I have done a full install (Windows 10 + P3D V4 + FSUIPC5) two times. So I don't know where is the problem, perhaps Saitek drivers ??? I will try to do that. Thanks. Christophe
  3. Hi, With P3D v3 i used FSUIPC4, Version 4.955c (14th June 2016) and FSUIPC4, Version 4.966c (17th April 2017). Here is the log requested with only the 3 saitek. Best regards. Christophe FSUIPC5.log
  4. Hi, thanks for your answer. I will test "debug" this evening. During my tests i added this lines and i remember an error like 0000006 during scanning. I will post complet log. For the fisrt question, I can plug each device on HUB USB without CTD, but only one at a time. I will search version of FSUIPC4 i used. Christophe
  5. Hi, Since I switched to P3D v4 and FSUIPC5, on Windows 10, I have a crash problem. I have 5 game controlers (2 pokeys, 1 Saitek combat Rudder, 2 Saitek Throttle Quadrant) on the same USB self-powered HUB. On P3D v3 and FSUIPC4 all was good. I can install FSUIPC5 without problem, registration is ok, but when i start P3D v4 i have a CTD with error 0xc0000005 or 0xc0000374 Faulting application Prepar3d.exe Faulting module ntdll.dll If I start again P3D v4 and FSUIPC5, just after the crash, no crash P3D start ok. But when I reboot my PC, same problem: CTD then Ok on second start. Without FSUIPC, P3D v4 start all the time good and game controlers are logged. It's the same with Windows 10 (fresh install and up to date) and P3D V4 (fresh install without addons) and memory changed. I have done some tests and these are my conclusions. If I plug only 1 of the 5 game controlers P3D v4 with FSUIPC5 start all the time. If I plug 2 game controlers on the same HUB crash (for exemple: Port_#0001.Hub_#0004 and Port_#0003.Hub_#0004). If I plug 2 game controlers on HUB with differents ID (for exemple: Port_#0001.Hub_#0004 and Port_#0003.Hub_#0007) P3D v4 start without CTD. Do you see a solution ? Attached logs are after the install of FSUIPC5 Best regards. FSUIPC5.ini FSUIPC5.JoyScan.csv FSUIPC5.log
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