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  1. Hi Roman, Yes, it works! It does work with default aircraft without stuttering, but it behaves strangely with the AS Airbus, it works "partly", with FBW doing its stuff. Strange, because without events was working well despite stuttering. I'll keep testing anyway. Many thanks Roman, I really appreciated all of your help.
  2. Hi Roman, Thank you again, I tried it but it does not do anything. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but after replacing the script, and adding the plugin to the [Auto] section the plugin does not work. No action is shown in the FSUIPC console when buttons pressed. Just to add that with the original script the stutters were also happening with default aircraft. In fact I tried with one of the Lua plugin that comes with FSUIPC, the gradual braking and it also stutters when I trigger the button. This is happening in fresh install of Win10 with last updates and fresh install of P3D 4.3. It seems that all the Lua Plugins I try I have massive stuttering when applied. I'm going mad with this. Thank you.
  3. Hi Roman, Many thanks, I didn't expect such a detailed explanation, even taking the time to modify the script. I would never have been able to do it myself. I really appreciate your help. I've been using FSUIPC for some time and I experimented with offsets but I really do not know anything about deeper knowledge of the coding capabilities that it offers. But I get what you are saying about the new efficient way of invoking it with events. I'll try tomorrow the script and let you know. Thank you!
  4. Hi, After installing the new AS Airbus for P3D V4, I tried to load a Lua file to move the rudder with a joystick. This Lua plugin was made years ago by Enrique Vaamonde for the 32bit version of this aircaft. The plugin works well, but every time I press the buttons and the plugin is working I have hard stutters, (tried with gamepad and with keyboard keys also) only when it is applied. It has something to do with the change of 32 to 64 environment? It needs some kind of modification inside the Lua file? Many thanks
  5. Joan A


    An update to the topic. Problem is solved. After looking around here and there I found some topics where Pete suggested that wxstationlist.bin could be the problem. Deleted the file, let P3d generate a new one and voilà. Everything is working back again. Thanks for the quick support anyway!
  6. Joan A


    Yes. I tried that. Everything goes well with all addons activated (uninstalled and installed again) one by one. The problem starts when FSUIPC (last addon installed) works with Latin Vfr Barcelona, and only in that scenery or close to it. If I uninstall FSUIPC all works fine again. And also if I am at an airport far from LEBL no problem at all. Don’t know, seems like LEBL and FSUIPC don’t get along with each other. PMDG is brand new ngx for v4 released today. But it happens with default aircraft also, in fact my default flight is with default Beech King Air, wich is with the one I reproduce the CTD. (I tried other aircraft of course). I’ll keep 5.103e and try tomorrow again. Thanks
  7. Joan A


    Hi Thomas, Yes, I tried with 5.103e with no luck. Here is the Crash report. I attach you two of them, as the error dll is different sometimes. Menus.dll, KERNELBASE.dll, facilities.dll... Many thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, I have a really odd problem. I bought FSUIPC5 for v4 some days ago. I have flown without problems until then with GSX, Active Sky and LatinVFR LEBL, default and PMDG aircraft. But since I installed FSUIPC 5.103 I get a CTD every time I am or I get close to LEBL. If I start from let's say KJFK or LIRF there's no problem at all, the problem is with both FSUIPC and being at LEBL. I tried several things, reinstalled LEBL, GSX and FSUIPC with no luck. I attach the log and files if it helps. Many thanks in advance. Joan FSUIPC5.ini FSUIPC5.log

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