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  1. You're not supposed to have the Windows Speech Recognition App running while Tower3D is running. But even when I start the App and set it to ON: Listen what I say it does the exact same thing. I'm able to give one instruction/command and that's it. Anything I say after that is not even showing in the command line.
  2. Hello, I purchased the software in anticipation and I'm having some issues with it. The voice recognition is not working as intended. I tested my microphone and trained with the Windows 10 Speech Recognition. When I'm in the simulator and start a session, I push the SHIFT key and say a command and it will be accepted but no other commands will be accepted after that. It doesn't even show anything on the command line. I turned the Sticky Key function off. I have to quit the program, restart it, load an airport again and when I say my first command, it is accepted and the plane starts pushing back but after that no other commands are accepted anymore. So it only accepts the very first command. The program costs $49.95. I also bought the Real Traffic and all the planes are showing white. I made sure to run the installers and the program itself with Administrators Rights. The call signs seems to work but all the planes are white. During the installation of Real Traffic I pointed the installer to the root Tower3D folder and I have a new folder called Extensions in it. There is no way to assign a different PTT key. Test recognition and Test speech work fine.
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