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  1. Ok, got it, thank you very much Sir. Really appreciate the quick support! Regards, James
  2. This error is now corrected. Now all wide client computers running Ver 7.156 and FSUICP is Ver 5.15. I really thought i had updated all computers. The previous sentence is why I never like to ask questions on the forums; it shows my stupid for all to see... LOL Still having the same issue however. I know its something I am doing wrong.
  3. Hello Sir, Yes I have checked the WideLuaGlobals=Yes in the General section and it is marked with yes. I should better clarify. Both Comp1 and Comp2 are individual computers both running wide client ver 6.999v4. P3DV4 on a completely different computer from where these scripts are being used, is running FSUICP Ver 5.14. Am I required to initiate the global from FSUICP or can I "ipc.set" a global in one wide client computer and "ipc.get" a global on another wide client computer? Does that help clarify or confuse more? Thank you sir. I cleaned that portion out. It was getting too late at night when I was putting together this question in the forum. By the way. Been using your applications since fs9 came out. Just want to take a second and thank you for the years of use I have gotten from your work and where it has brought my simulator in the level of realism. Thank you.
  4. Hello, Learning LUA. Did I read it correctly that with ipc.set and ipc.get I can set a set and read a lua global and have it read across client computers? If so, I haven't been able to accomplish this with rudimentary script below. I can achieve it if done on the same client computer, but not across PC's. The computers I use have been a working stable platform in my 737 sim for many years using FSUICP and wideclient. So my thoughts are that I am not writing the script correctly or that the global isn't able to be sent from one computer to another. Example: COMP1 ipc.set("Depart",0) function Gate () pwr=ipc.readUB(0x562A) extpwravail=logic.And(pwr,1) -- (1) External power available SeatBeltOn=ipc.readUB(0x5640)>=1 if (extpwravail==1) and (SeatBeltOn) then ipc.control(66695) ipc.sleep(500) ipc.display("Boarding in progress", 3, 15) ipc.set("Depart",1) end end event.offsetmask(0x562A,1,"UB","Gate") -- Extpwravail event.offset(0x5640,"UB","Gate") -- SeatBelts COMP2 Depart=ipc.get("Depart") function xcomm () com=ipc.get("Depart") call=ipc.readUB(0x5646) callgnd=logic.And(call,1)~=0 -- (1) ground call button. bit 1 if (com==1) and (callgnd) then sound.play("comck") end end event.offsetmask(0x5646,1,"UB","xcomm") -- (1) ground call 1

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