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  1. Thank you. I was going nuts as I suspected all my CTD's were related to my AI traffic, but the update of STB has solved the issue!
  2. Thanks Simon. The 2nd step of changing the flaps handle to zero in the setting notebook for the specific aircraft fixed the issue. Appreciate the support.
  3. Attached is a screenshot of the AI FSPX B772 taxing to the runway after push back from the gate. It remains in this configuration (reversers deployed among other visible issues) until it becomes airborne after takeoff from the runway then it works properly. There are no issues in the air or upon landing and taxi back to the terminal, nor when the aircraft is static. The same issue occurs with all of the FSP B772, B773, B787, A330 series aircraft that are V2. If I run P3Dv4 without starting STB, the FSPX AI aircraft do not display this behavior. It's only when STB is running that the FSP aircraft have the problem. Additionally, all other aircraft (FAIB, AIA, RAI, AIM, TFS etc) do not have this problem with STB. Thanks
  4. FSP has rolled out several new versions (V2) of their payware AI aircraft recently upgrading to PBR among other things for P3DV4, and once again I'm having problems with speed brakes, spoilers, flaps etc all being deployed upon taxiing for take off. Some of the affected aircraft are the A330 series, the B777 series and the B787 series. In the setting notebook, objects section of Super Traffic board I have all the included updates (for instance the sim aircraft column reads Boeing B772, TB aircraft column Boeing 777-200 etc). I had this problem solved previously with the original FSP AI aircraft, but noticed it's reared it's ugly head again with the updated FSPX aircraft. I am running version 4.2.2019.12100 of STB. I have also tried AI Departure Flaps settings of 4, 3 and 0 to no avail within STB. Any solutions? Is there a box I need checked somewhere within STB that maybe I need to verify is marked? Thanks Brian
  5. Thank you for the replay. I think I figured it out. I had to run the configuration setup again because I had some new or modified afcads. After updating, ran the same airport(PACSIM RKSI) I was seeing the issue at and the problem is solved.
  6. I am running the 4.2.2019.12100 version of STB with Prepar3d V4.5. I've noticed that when aircraft are removed while inbound in the last 10 miles due to a conflict (lack of separation), the AI aircraft that is removed has it's status changed to "Baggage Claim", but is not assigned a gate and disappears from the sim despite the fact there is ample parking available. When you try and view the aircraft, it's grayed out on the menu and states the aircraft is unavailable. What setting should I make sure I have checked or unchecked in the configuration settings to make sure this does not occur? Thank you Brian S
  7. Disregard my last post. Definitely scenery related. The developer put out a hot-fix and it's no longer crashing.
  8. [error.0] error=AceXML Parser Error Source: C:\Users\Dad\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\SuperTrafficBoard V4 Common\add-on.xml Line: 5 Column: 0 Error: 'AddOn.STBTag' - (0x83600FB7) Just to confirm, this cannot cause a hard crash of P3Dv4.1? I had two hard crashes today and this is the only error showing up. I did install a new scenery today, so I'll do some more tests and not fly in the new area to see if I have any issues. It could be related to that scenery also (the new LatinVFR KSAN for P3D v4 just released).
  9. I'm getting the following error code in my P3DV4 error docs in my documents file log for P3DV4. [error.0] error=AceXML Parser Error Source: C:\Users\Dad\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\SuperTrafficBoard V4 Common\add-on.xml Line: 5 Column: 0 Error: 'AddOn.STBTag' - (0x83600FB7) The traffic board seems to be working fine, not sure if this is something you need to take a look at. Thanks.
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