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  1. Pete, Interesting, does this mean that in FSUIPC when you assign a Key Press to the Control "Simconnect Menu 1", in the background it is actually sending a keypress of 1 to P3D, rather than using the event? If so, then something more interesting is going on because in P3D5 these controls don't seem to work either, at least not in my installation. If I assign say Ctrl+F to Simconnect Menu 1, bring up a SimConnect menu (for example GSX) and then hit Ctrl+F, nothing happens. In P3DV4, using a shared install of FSUIPC6, it works fine. I'll have a go at refactoring my app to use key presses instead and see what happens. Regards Simon.
  2. John/Pete, I have an app (EFC737) that triggers SimConnect Text Menu items by sending SIMCONNECT_MENU_0, SIMCONNECT_MENU_1 events through SimConnect to P3D. Testing with P3DV5 it seems that these events no longer function. They were as far as I know undocumented (in that they aren't listed as events in the SDK). I know that FSUIPC exposes these controls and gives users the option to assign them to key presses. I've tried that as well in P3DV5 and they don't work through that route either. They continue to function in P3DV4 using FSUIPC6 so looks like it's definitely P3DV5 related. It appears LM have either by design or by accident removed these controls from P3DV5 I'll post it on the P3D forums. Regards Simon.
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