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  1. Ok I get it. Thanks again because you made me look with the search tool of Windows, and I found another copy of FSUIPC.dll (v 3.48) in the main FS2002 folder, and this one was taken into account and not the one in the MODULES folder (v 3.53). I am sorry for this, and I probably copied this file by mistake. Now everything should be OK. Thanks again and sorry for my lack of competence with these computers. You've been of good and quick help. Best regards Stephane
  2. Dear Pete, thanks a lot for your reply and your velocity. About the GPS you are right. I finally managed to use the GPS with the AP. I had to hit the LOC key on the AP and not the NAV key as indicated in the documentation for the aircraft (maybe a bug for this aircraft). Sorry about that. I should have tested before. [However, when you say "open FSUIPC in the module folder of the menu, it says that I registered for the 3.48 version !" do you mean that the menu says you are running 3.48? If so, then you most certainly are running 3.48.] You are right the menu says I am running 3.48 version. Exactly it says: FSUIPC version 3.48 - 25th april 2005 - This is a Registered copy ! Thank you. But I checked in the module folder and it is the 3.53 version as you asked. I did not install anything after, and I even tried to copy the 3.53 version again in the module folder. I maybe have done something wrong :oops: . For the error = 7 I will try with the guys in Aerosoft. I will also try to register for FSUIPC in FS2004 and see if I have the same problem or if it restricted to FS2002. Thanks again for your help. Best regards Stephane
  3. I am sorry. It is me again. I just tried the Airbus A319 and the AP works with the FS2002 GPS. So they communicate. The problem with the ATR42’s AP not talking to the FS GPS would be in the Eurowings soft then ? But I still have this strange thing with FSUIPC being 3.48 and not 3.53. Thanks for your help Stephane
  4. First I should apologise if I am posting my request on the wrong place since this is the first time that I am using a forum. But here is my problem. I am using both FS2002 and FS2004 with Eurowings Professional Commuter Airliners. And until now there was no problem. I recently updated my FSUIPC version to 3.53. But I was not able to make the autopilot of one of Eurowings’ aircraft, the ATR42, follow a GPS route (I did not use the other aircrafts but I am sure it will be the same). And I had an error saying that I was trying to use an application with an unregistered copy of FSUIPC. To solve this GPS/AP problem I decided to register to FSUIPC by paying, and got my Key by email today and followed the registration procedure as described. But now the most strange things happen. When I want to fly in FS2002 with an Eurowings aircraft I have an error message (FSUIPC error = 7), and after I passed this message and open FSUIPC in the module folder of the menu, it says that I registered for the 3.48 version !! I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the 3.53 version of FSUIPC (which is actually in FS2002 module’s folder), but still see the 3.48 in FS2002 ! And my AP does not seem to be able to talk with the FS GPS. I still did not try to register in FS2004, with the fear of having the same problem. Would you please have an explanation for this problem ? Did I do something wrong with the registration ? Thanks in advance Stephane PS: I am sure full FSUIPC is a great soft and hope to use it soon !
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