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  1. Hi Is it possible to change the names of the Airports on the departures\arrivals list in STB? For example I would like to change Tel Aviv Ben Guiron airport to Tel Aviv. many thanks Paul
  2. Thanks Simon. That makes sense. Am using the Flytampa DXB scenery. A very busy airport. Will make a trace and send the file over. many thanks
  3. Hi guys, A bit of help please. Was wondering why when I ‘follow’ an ai aircraft from departure to arrival airport it cuts back to departure airport just before it lands and the aircraft has gone? I followed a Qantas A380 from LHR to DXB and just before it landed at DXB, literally 20 seconds from touchdown, the simulator took me straight back to LHR, at the runway threshold and the aircraft had gone!! Anyone know why this is please? Do I need to change some settings? Many thanks
  4. Hi guys I have Super Traffic board on my computer and currently use FSX. I find that when im at my addon scenery, FSDT New York JFK V2 and i ask STB to FOLLOW a particular AI aircraft, the scenery terminal buildings disappear?! This does not happen when i VIEW or CHASE an AI aircraft, just FOLLOW. Is this an issue with STB or the FSDT scenery? I also have other payware addon sceneries, Flytampa, aerosoft and it does not happen at those airports. Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Paul
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