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  1. Is there any chance that USB 3.0 is the main reason?
  2. The only one problem is that its works correctly with all other softwares, like original logitech soft and as well that which i found out (and its prertty easier) called SPAD.NEXT. Any chance that i can get refund for FSUIPC? Im, really disappointed and cant finmd any resolve with FSUIPC issue. Its too long and Im too bored, thank you for all ur suggestions Pete but Im loosing money while Im waiting and trying to resolve that prtoblem with only FSUIPC, I got paid addons like navigraph subscription, PFPX. If i can getb full refund Ill be more than happy. Thank you
  3. Basicly- fsuipc was able to see axes on the stick, but There was some problem ( original software had some settings which I was unable to change) and when I tried to set up some new settings on the fsuipc I was unable to use it
  4. That what I have said that there is some interruption- I mean that this situation about axis on the stick have been changed when i have installed original software, but after that i have uninstalled it and withouty thjis software computer cannot see the axis on the stick. Im still waiting for the response from saitek support.
  5. how can i do this by myself? Is this very hard? Im still unable to use the stick 😞
  6. Finally- I've installed again genuine software from logitech and everything works correctly ( all axis) but There is again same problem (that some options like throttle is set by logitech software with some extra options and there is somethi g what I cannot repair. Basicly fsuipc right now can see all axes but There is that interruption between these software's. Any ideas what can I do? PS:Without original software fsuipc cannot see axes...
  7. I really donmt understand that-whats wrong? I completly removed everything again 😞- disk wipe than installed fresh copy of windows, but still got same problem 😞
  8. I did that, I did fresh installation of Windows and still I got same problem 😞
  9. Ive tried too now, the sim can see all buttons but cannot see axis X and Y, I dont wanna install any saitek drivers thats why probably 😕
  10. Hi Pete, there is still the same problem- I did reboot of my windows, again I got same problem as before. Sending all requested files again. Thank u Regards FSUIPC5.ini FSUIPC5.JoyScan.csv FSUIPC5.log
  11. Excluding an information that this is installed and ready to use, but when I wanna check details at device manager I can only see saitek bulk and no drivers installed details
  12. I'm still trying to find some mess after saitek software, but the problem is that I cannot find anything more at device manager. Any idea where can I find it as well? I already checked windows32 folder, deleted some saitek drivers too from there. Please help me 😞 I had some drivers too at device manager but after that when I uninstalled it still I got same problem, also when I'm connecting my saitek x56 the system cannot find any drivers for this device, excluding information that thisbfevive is installed and ready to use ( but when I'm checking details there is no driver installed).=1
  13. Thats right, Ill try to do this, will be back soon. Thank You
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