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  1. E-Jets V2 Glide Slope Problem

    correct, the AP doesn't follow the GlideSlope, the FD is still commanding to fly towards the GS, but the AP doesn't follow it. Thanks
  2. E-Jets V2 Glide Slope Problem

    Hello, thanks for all of your great products! I have been trying to troubleshoot this issue: With joystick connected and disconnected autopilot laggs from command, the FPV is always behind the FD. The real issue begins when intercepting an ILS. First I select ILS Freq on both NAVs and flying in ''green world'' I select APP and then I fly into the LOC, then I intercept the GS (GS and LOC mode active). The plane flies the LOC perfectly but while the FD commands to go down, the FPV totally ignores it and either dives from the glide slope or goes above it. Ive been looking for help with this issue and still have not found anything, Ive been trying to troublesoot it by reinstalling product and I still cant find a solution. Thanks for your help!