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  1. Hi I just installed FSUIPC6 for P3dV5, I noticed that in V5 there is no Modules folder, where do I put the GFDev64.dll file in order for FSUIPC to recognise the switches in my Goflight products ? is the process as simple as droping a copy of this file in the new location or there is more to it?
  2. Thank you Pete, exactly what I needed have it working now :)
  3. Hi Pete A few P3d and FSUIPC versions back I remember that I could see and asign functions to the buttons in my goflight modules using FSUIPC, the trick was to have a goflight config profile with nothing assigned to the buttons in the goflight modules then using fsuipc I could create mouse macros and assign them to the corresponding buttons on the goflight modules was great but now I cannot eaven see My goflight modules in FSUIPC, if I try to assign something to a button nothing eaven happens when I press the button like the modules are not being detected at all what changed why is this no longer possible it was great or what am I doing wrong pleas help I have a few projects that could really benefit from this. Thanks Jose
  4. Hi Pete: A couple of days ago I was Creating some mouse Macros for the Captain Sim 757 and at some point when I tried to assign a button I noticed that the Macro I just created did not appear in the list when trying to assign a button to it, at first I thought that it was due to maybe forgetting to press End macro making so I tried again and sure enough it was not on the list again and to my horror while looking closer at the list I realized all my PMDG 737 Mouse Macros were gone 😞 then when looking at the FSUIPC INI I think it was I saw an error that said that the maximum number of mouse macros was reached I think it said something like 127 or so is there a way of increasing this to like at least 200 changing a line somewhere? Also I'm trying to figure this out In this case let Says I Create a moue macro called XXXX Overhead Panel lets say and then I click on 57 switches in the overhead and then I end macro making is all this count as one Macro or 57? I'm afraid is 57 butbwanted to ask to be sure. For me is important because i have a generic overhead panel that I made that I use with the PMDG 737, Majestic Q400, QW 787, and CS 757 not to mention other Macros in this and other aircraft not in the Overhead panel as you see I need lots of Macros what can I do to be able to acomodate all ? Thanks
  5. Hi Pete Sorry for the delay, I have not have a chance to try what you are sugesting because I'm currently out of town away from my sim and won't be back home till Wednesday Very late and there is a big chance I will live again the same day so I might not have the time to get to it. For what I can read above Sprajcik is having the same issue with P3D4.3 so at least we know it also happens in versions newer than P3dV4, if Sprajick could help us out doing the macro testing you sugested it could save us allot of time but if not I will be happy to do it when I can get to it. For some reason I'm thinking that the add on makers are adding something that causes changing rectangle numbers in order to prevent people from making training level Simulator setups using their model but I maight be wrong it could be a problem on the P3d end. Thanks Pete Jose
  6. Hi Pete I'm glad that the ability to create mouse macros is back in the latest version of FSUIPC, finally I can re assign functions to must of the switches in my self made Boeing 737 Overhead Panel, In previous versions of P3D I had everything running just right but after V4 came out I have been waiting for the Mouse Macro feture which I really liked, I'm running P3DV4.0 in a windows 10 Computer and the latest version of FSUIUPC but Im having problems with the PMDG 737 and the Majestic Q400, this are the only Aircraft I tried so I dont know if the problem is with the Aircraft or FSUIPC or Im not doing something right this is whats happening: 1-I create a mouse macro for a particular function, 2-I go to End Macro making, 3-I go to Buttons and Switches / select Profile specific /Press the switch I want to assign the function to / from the drop down menu that lists the Macros I select the Macro I created and select OK 4-I Go back to the Sim press the button and is working perfectlly for as long as I dont exit the sim 5-if I exit the sim and then I load the same aircraft again when I press that same button either nothing happends or something else completely different happends If I go back to FSUIPC Buttons and switches profile specific and press the button it indicates that the Macro I created is still assigned to it yet its not doing what I originally assigned What do you think is happening, Let me know, thankyou kindly. Jose
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