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  1. Hello Pete, Strange one this. I fly FSX Steam Edition and use REX Sky Force 3D for weather. I noticed while flying the Qualitywings B757 that airspeed, which is normally set to IAS in the sim, became True. That is to say that setting a Mach number of 0.81 sent the plane to 525 knots as shown on the speed ribbon at 36000 feet, resulting in a chronic over speed. Normally, the over speed in this configuration should be around 340 knots. So I tried with a FSX stock B737 and with an indicated airspeed of 318 knots, the Mach number is only 0.47. Where it gets interesting is that disabling all weather and setting all weather off in FSUIPC v.4.972 (unregistered) instantly corrects the problem, with the speed ribbon behaving as it should. My only thought on the matter is that REX Sky Force 3D could be the culprit, or that I need to register FSUIPC. Your views would really be appreciated. Alan Walker
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