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  1. Then the issue that needs to be resolved is that it is impossible to tell that 26R cant be used when you log into the map. How can it be shown that it 26R is not a usable runway? Thanks Mike
  2. Further if I select 26R then change it to one of the other runways the pushback occurs. If I then select 26R as the runway following the Ready to Taxi message the plane does not move.
  3. Using the via the mouse "Pushback approved, expect runway 26R" or via voice the same command the result is the same. Can be from any terminal and any company. The planes just sit there. Landing planes move and land as per normal. Works correctly with 08L, 08R, and 26L
  4. Hi there When running EGKK - Gatwick all planes on the ground having been given a 'Pushback' command do not move from then on. I have waited up to 5 minutes. I have tried different times etc. but it makes no difference. It is only happening on this map. The output_log is too big to upload even when zipped to add below, given the size limitation (31kb output_log size compared to allowed 21.40kb)
  5. Hi there I only recently purchased Tower!3D Pro myself and can confirm that the real color bundle works for those three airports in Tower!3D Pro. Cheers Mike B
  6. Found the file installed in a Tower3D directory as you suggested. All for the want of a ! :-) Thanks so much!
  7. I have just purchased both the KBOS and KSAN Tower!3D addons. The KBOS addon installed without error and is available from the drop down list when the game is started. However the KSAN addon, which also installed without error about 3 minutes later, is not available in the drop down list, is still greyed out and therefore cannot be played. I purchased the base game on December 3rd, 2017. I would appreciate any assistance you can provide to get the addon working. Thanks :)
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