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  1. Ok I'll try the custom controls right now, and thanks for all your help. I definitely haven't been the brightest with this stuff, and you explained it well. Thanks Pete!
  2. 1. Sorry for all the hassle of putting it in the wrong spot and not using the other post as a reference. Also, I'm running FSXSE, sorry for not saying that before. I will go check out that other post. 2. Do you mean the custom controls already in FSUIPC, where your recorded ones go, because I've tried assigning keyboard buttons to those and it still doesn't work. I assign it and then when I hit the key, nothing happens. 3. I also have tried with pressing TAB after attempting to make a macro and it turns my mouse into the changed pointer but does nothing to the switch. My assumption was the software registered the changing of the pointer as the action and recorded that so whenever I try it, it changes my pointer. I do not know much about this software though and could be completely wrong. 4. I'm honestly sorry if I am missing something obvious or if I am being slow but I got the software yesterday. Just an FYI on what I want to do with FSUIPC. I want to assign an old keyboard I covered in little tags that say which each key will do, to do about everything I regularly use on the overhead. Now I don't need anything like HIDMacros because I'm fine if they both keyboards have the same binds, but I just want to assign things like lights, fuel pumps, generators, anti-ice, etc. I don't know if I am approaching this wrong but if there is anyway you could steer me in the right direction on how to go about this or what I am doing wrong, that would be awesome.
  3. So I am trying to make mouse macros for my PMDG 737. I just got FSUIPC Registered today. This is exactly the step by step I did: 1. Enter the menu from the Addons list 2. Clicked on Key Presses 3. Clicked on Create Mouse Macro 4. Entered the name "PMDG 737" and hit OK. 5. Instead of the flipping of the switch registering as an applicable macro, it registers the mouse pointer turning into another one as you hover over the switch. Whenever I tried to make a macro and assign it to a key, it would turn my mouse into that pointer instead of flipping the switch. Please help because I spend money on this today and it doesn't work right away. Please help if you can! Thanks
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