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  1. Hi Thomas - thanks for the reply. didn't have repeat on but just found the issue. Using a DPDT switch needs the correct polarity - thought I had checked that but must have missed it, so all is ok - could still use any internet sources for doing this stuff though! I have the latest FSUIPC. FSUIPC is a godsend for people like me who have little or no programming knowledge but managing to figure it out very slowly -I have also managed to work out setting multiple events per switch so for example turning off the A/P and the warning horn at the same time, excellent. Thanks Dave
  2. Hi, Looking for some info regarding the stream of events when interfacing to PMDG 737 via a Bodnar board with FSUIPC. I am trying to build a very basic MCP but have struggled so far. I am doing this by trial and error as I have been unable to find a decent source of connecting switches etc online - if anyone can help I would be grateful. I have connected and mapped a switch to turn a function on and off - the only way I have been able to do this is with an On/On toggle switch - my question is that in the On position the FSUIPC log window shows a constant stream of events obviously because the switch is making a permanent connection, so will this constant stream affect performance as clearly I am going to need to connect a lot of switches/button to build my MCP. This is going to be very basic and I am no expert (clearly!) so I assume multiple instances of switches causing these streams are not good - any help as to if I should ignore this or not would be very helpful, as would any link to a source of switches for cockpot building. I did search the forum but nothing came up. Dave