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  1. I asked how to set the parking brake. Your helpful reply was “Didn’t you try parking brakes”? Seems clear to me! Not obvious enough for you.” No it was not clear to me that’s why I asked the question expecting a useful reply not a sarcastic one. Had you said John you put your name where the heading should have been , makes it difficult to answer. I would have been a lot happier than have it pointed out in bold type. Yet again I tried to set a switch on my yoke to work the parking brake, I could not find the brake on and brake off. Only Parking brake. I apologise for my out burst,
  2. do you know what mate you have been quite rude to me. I made a simple mistake and don't like being shouted at by you. stick your FSUIPC. I will use SPAD.neXt. your customer service is rubbish . Have a nice day
  3. Hi Pete sorry to come over thick. Had a mini stroke, so not on the button as I was, looked for parking brake found nothing, this was in drop down menu. If I can’t find something I guess I search for it?
  4. Hi Pete, I am trying to set up the parking brake but I can not find it in the drop down menu, can you point me in the right direction,. I am trying to set it to one of my throttle quads cheers John
  5. Hi Pete where do I find the user Documentation?
  6. Hi could you please tell me how to reverse Axis on my pro flight rudder pedals as they brake when I have no pressure on them and if I press my toes down the brakes come off. I am using PD3v4. Also how can I smooth out the action. Thanks Capt disaster.
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