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  1. Hello Simon, Just a short message to " tell" you about the following: I received a total update Prepar3D_v4_Professional_Plus_4.5.11.29713 and I can say it works like a charm witch STB!! Thanks for developing and programming of your outstanding STB. Cheers, Johan
  2. Hi Simon, One of the changes I'm working on right now is the ability to click a flight on the board, and STB will tell you which BGL file it thinks that flight came from. I expect that to be another useful tool for tracking down "undesirable flights". That will be a good one! As always you are busy to make the best of out STB. Cheers, Johan
  3. People who are having the problem of too many maules and pipers in their stb, while using utlive. There is a reason for it and it can be solved quickly. One of my hd's broke down so i had to do a install from scratch. I have found out that Prepar3d the program itself, puts the file TrafficAircraft.bgl in the prepar3d\scenery\world\scenery dir. Users using utlive don't won't all that many maules and pipers showing up in stb 🙂 In the options menu of prepar3d, the aircraft setting is set to 0 (slide the marker all the way to the left). Because utlive doesn't uses *.bgl files and if stb is configurated to utlive, the file TrafficAircraft.bgl is obsolete. So, what you do is simply rename the *.bgl file to *.bak or delete it. Afterwards do not forget do a recompile by stb. So voila, that's all to it. Blame it on prepard3!! A time ago i had a discussion about that issue with Simon. He found that damned *.bgl file, but we didn't knew at that time how the file got there. Okay, i found it out. So i thought, let's share it with you guys 🙂
  4. Hello Simon, Sorry for the late reply, but i was in your country with friends for a holiday 🙂 The above options works! Thanks again, with kind regards, Johan
  5. Okay Simon.. it's good to know it's not my fault -) Regards, Johan
  6. STB works with Prepar3d v4.4. I use the latest releases of STB and Prepar3d 4.4 and UTlive. But the time given in STB are ??:?? is this correct? Then something else: after a period of time using Prepar3d 4.4 with STB and UTlive, i see a name of a carrier with a aircraft type. Pressing on it, a different aircraft type is showing up. For example STB displays KLM b737 and looking at it, it's a complete different aircraft type and not KLM anymore. How come?
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