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  1. Hi John, Thanks a lot for the quick reply. I've search in Active Sky docs and in the WX radar facilities docs and didn't notice this information in the offsets documentation. Now I know where to start :D About the offsets length, yes, they are bytes. Once again, thank you for the help.
  2. Hi, I'm developing a little software with environment sounds, but I'm stock with two of them. I would like to have turbulence and rain sounds. For Turbulence, I would like to play a sound every time the airplane "shakes". For the rain, play a loop sound, but only when the rain hit's the cockpit "below the clouds". I've Active Sky 4, so does anyone know what offsets can I use to achieve this? I've used 0x0E88 and 0x0E98 for turbulence, but doesn't give me the expected result. For the rain, doesn't have a single idea. Is there any API of AS4 to achieve this? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Pete Please don´t sorry. The problem is with me, I need to move forward. I'm not going to give up, after the update I will try again this facility to make the key press a son as the GSX Menu appears and give the feedback to you. Thanks a lot for this amazing piece of software and for all your attention and effort to the community.
  4. Hi Pete, Still using version 4.1 If the script works fine with you, means that probably the problem is in P3D4 version. I really don't have anything with the Debug=Please and TestOptions=X8000 I will try to update P3D and then use the script again. Thanks a lot for your time Pete, really appreciate for your effort.
  5. Pete, Totally right, copy/paste did put some non-ASCII in the code. About the types, this it's just for testing probably just need 2 for menu popup. Now i don't have errors, but also nothing happens when opening GSX menu... I've "Waiting for an event in "...GSX.lua" in the log, but no "Menu Opened" or function called. Using last version of GSX and FSUIPC 5.15.
  6. Pete, Little help please 😞 Trying this facility with only this lua script: function GSXMenu(type, colour, scroll, delay, id, n, msgs) ipc.log("Menu Opened") end event.textmenu(0, "GSXMenu") but I'm having this error starting the script: *** LUA Error: ...GSX.lua:5: unexpected symbol near 'ï'
  7. Hi Pete, Last version for me is 5.15, but I was looking for something different and didn't notice that event.textmenu now works without WideFS I will try this facility and give feedback later. Thanks a lot for all your work and effort on this.
  8. Hello Pete, I've downloaded last version, but I can't find anything in the documentation for check if the GSX menu is Active or not. Can you tell me what the reference in lua to check this?
  9. Hi Pete, What can i say, thanks a lot for this new feature. For me FSUIPC5 it's more than fine 😄 Days or weeks doesn't matter, take your time. Thanks again for the help.
  10. Hi Pete, Yes, I just rely on L:Vars, not in the text of the GSX Menu. I tried the event.textmenu, but it gives me one a "null" error, so i see that this is a WideClient function (it's documented, my bad). Well, if you are able to do that, for me would be great and be very appreciated, because my goal is to do something like this to call boarding/deboarding and all other stuff: ipc.keypressplus(123, 3, 4) -- CTRL + Shift + F12 while GSXMenuflag == 0 do -- Wait until GSX Menu appears ipc.sleep(100) end ipc.keypressplus(49, 0, 4) -- Press 1 This would make almost one invisible GSX Menu 🙂
  11. Hello, Sorry for my delay answer and thanks a lot for the replies. This image is a print from P3D main window with "panel only" view (the reason for the black background), as nothing to do with Prosim, EFC or network gauge. It's just GSX Menu in P3D. Yep, I'm using the new L:Vars of GSX to check the state of the services. I'm using this code in lua to call for deboarding and works great: repeat ipc.keypressplus(123, 3, 4) ipc.sleep(1000) ipc.keypressplus(49, 0, 4) until DEBOARDING < 2 DEBOARDING = L:VAR (FSDT_GSX_DEBOARDING_STATE) but not for pushback because are more option after selected, so I have to delay the keypress. To be safe, the delay must be long (but the menu stays there...). I just need a flag that tells me that the GSX Menu is open to make the keypress just after the menu appears, this is my goal. In the Lua Library, I notice the event.textmenu, but only works in the WideClient.
  12. Hi, I'm trying to make Lua script to automatically handle all the GSX services. It's possible to extract the text from the GSX Menu to know if it's visible or even better, possible to get the services page? I'm asking this because I don't want to use timers to press the keys so that the menu barely appears. Using last 5.14 and P3Dv4.1 without WideFS
  13. Hi, I've tested my software and the "wideFS Test.exe" with the WideClient7140 and guest what??? IT WORKS, WOW, EVERYTHING WORKS NOW :D So, what can I say, you are the one that invented one of the "must have" Add-ons and still keeps this project alive and running. AMAZING. Maybe is just me that don't like to see a "process.exe * 32" in the Taskbar Manager, but you make it possible, a 64-bit talking with a 32-bits and it's working like a charm. I'm going to still test my software and if I find something, will let you know. All that I can say now is a big thank you Pete, from now on It's possible to have 64-bit compiled software working with FSUIPC and WideFS.
  14. Hi Pete, I'm really sorry, the private message stay in the drafts. Meanwhile, I've tested with the WideClient7130, but the result is the same. It just work if I made one FSUIPC_Process for each FSUIPC_Read. I've compiled a 64-bit program (no password protected...) with all the reads that a make in my software, 11 FSUIPC_Read in a total of 18 Bytes. It display the returned values once. In the server side, work great, but not with WideClient. Try to test and tell me if works with you, because can be something wrong with my setup. WideFS Test.zip
  15. Hi Pete, I send you the password in a private message right after my post. Tomorrow I will test with the new wideclient and let you know how many FSUIPC_Reads are possible before the FSUIPC_Process. So far, only one, the reason why V2 works.
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