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  1. I have used som hours today reading,following your advices and trying to find out how to assign startup levers and fuel cutoff levers, and I finally was able to do it with FSUIPC.:-) What caused all my trubble was my new wireless keybord. When I changes back to my old wired keybord, it was no problem assigning keybord commands to the buttons in the Button and Swiches page.. I tried to enclose a screenshot showing the empty slope box but its size 0,2MB was not allowed to upload to the forum. Once again thank you for taking time to help me.
  2. The slope button is there, but I don’t see any slopes. I can change the numbers , but the line which should show the different slopes are never visible. I have assigned elevator, ailerons , rudder and brakes.
  3. Thank you for the quick responce and advise.I will try it out later today. Yes, I choose to delete the whole Fsuipc installation, after trying to fix it first by going back to the version I had before, and then by installing v 5.124 again, but with no luck. On the Button and switches page, I select the button, press set and then press keys as shift, ctrl or F1,nothing show up inthe little box. If I press a or k it shows up, but if I press a+k only the first letter shows up. Do you have an explanation why I don’t see the slopes when I calibrate axis?
  4. I have used Fsuipc for many years, with no problems except that the slopes in the calibration page never has showed up. Some days ago I upgradet P3D to v4.2; and after the upgrade I I got problems with the rudder after upgrading Fsuipc to v 5.124. To solve the problem I had to delete Fsuipc and install it again. Then I also lost all my assignment on my Saitek throttles. I have restored most of it, but I am not able to assign the Engine start levers/ Fuel cut off levers in the PMDG B737, to buttons on the throttle as I had it before. I have tried using the Button and switches page in Fsuipc. When I press the selected keys after pressing Set, nothing happens. The combination I want to press is «shift+ctrl+F1». It is a long time since I assigned these buttons last, so I don’t remember what I did. I have a bluetooth wireless keybord now and I wander if that can be the problem. I hope someone can help me sort this out.

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