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  1. Hi, I can't get FSC to update to the latest navigraph cycle for Prepar 3D V3.4. I've manually pointed it to C:\Lockheed MartinPrepar3D v3\FSC9 in Navigraph but FSC still shows an old cycle. Thanks. Ron Gautreau
  2. Thanks Jabloom, yes, I noticed that later. I got rid of that and it is working now.
  3. Here are my scenery config and simobjects config files. scenery.cfg simobjects.cfg
  4. Hi, I have installed my traffic 6 but just can't get the traffic to populate. I have followed all install instructions to the letter. Here is a screen shot of my scenery config. I have it installed on an external drive in windows 10. thanks. Ron
  5. Hi, I downloaded all the UT2 logos and placed them in the logos folder. I then pointed the program to this folder but they don't show up on the board. For some reason , only a few will show. Thanks for the help, Ron
  6. Hi Simon, Now it seems to be working ok now, strange! All the functions seem to work now without any CTD (except the camera advisory button which you said you have a fix for) . The only other thing that I have noticed is when I chose return to base, it changes the sim to slew mode which puts the aircraft into a crazy spin. When I turn slew off, it stops spinning. Thanks for the help, Ron
  7. Simon, as I was saying in the previous post, it still doesn't work on the laptop which means, the view AI function still causes it to CTD. I appreciate you making the fix and you can post it or send it to me when you have it ready :wink: Thanks for the support, Ron
  8. Simon, just an update, I tried installing the program on the FSX machine and it set the camera config ok and viewing the AI worked on the FSX machine. It still does'nt work on the remote machine as it is still looking for the camera config file on the remote machine, which isn't there. Cheers, Ron
  9. Hi Simon, This didn't work for me. The program error before crashing said it is looking on the remote machine(laptop) for the fsx/camera config, but its not there of coarse, it's on the FSX machine. Is the a way to point it to the proper directory on the FSX machine? Thanks, Ron
  10. HI Simon, I'm using XP pro 32BIT SP3. I'm running super traffic board from a laptop ove a network. There is a camera config file in the apps folder on the FSX machine. The actual path to the apps folder over the network is \\Ron\application data\Microsoft\FSX Hope that helps. Ron
  11. Hi Simon, I tried what you suggested but I get an exception error then it closes.Please see my attachment. Thanks for the help, Ron traffic board error.zip
  12. Hi, When I jump to an AI view or follow AI, the program doesn't go there. Instead, my aircraft is moved to some location. If I cycle through all the views to get me back to where I was(sitting on the runway), it brings me back to where I was but the view goes into a crazy spin which I can't stop and have to exit the flight. Is this a bug? Regards, Ron Gautreau
  13. Volker, Do you have plans to use simconnect instead of FSUIPC for networking in an up coming version? Regards, Ron Gautreau
  14. Ok, it helps when you read the manual :oops: . I think I have it figured out. If I have any problems, I will repost. Regards, Ron gautreau
  15. Hi, I've downloaded the airline logos for WOA, thanks for the link. My question is, how do I bring them into the program now? Thanks, Ron Gautreau
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