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  1. Hi Paul, I cannot thank you enough for your help. It now works perfectly Thanks yet again, Padraig
  2. Hi Paul, Thank you very much for getting back to me. Forgot to mention I'm using vb.net. This is the code im using to populate the combo box; Me.selectedAirport = Nothing Dim airports As FsAirportCollection = FSUIPCConnection.AirportsDatabase.Airports Dim airport As FsAirport = airports(Me.txtICAO.Text.ToUpper()) If airport IsNot Nothing Then Me.selectedAirport = airport Me.cbxHeli.Items.AddRange(airport.Helipads.[Select](Function(h) h.ID).ToArray()) If Me.cbxHeli.Items.Count > 0 Then Me.cbxHeli.SelectedIndex = 0 End If End If Thanks for all your help Padraig
  3. Hi, I have been working through Paul's tutorials for the last couple of months, which has been a fun learning curve. I have been working on a little application to move my aircraft to different airports. I have followed the aircraft database example and am able to select an airport and get the information back regarding gates, runways and helipads. My question is, once the gate, runways or helipad's are loaded into the combo boxes, how can i select the helipad and move to that location?? just cant seem to be able to get the moveaircraft to work. Can any guide me in the right direction (I'm still Learning) Thanks in Advance, Padraig
  4. Hi Paul, Just cannot thank you enough for this insight, i was failing on the math required to get this value. Yes i am new to using your DLL and have watched your video and your examples which have just been a huge help for getting my throttles working with the flight sim. Thanks once again for your help this evening Kind Regards, Padraig
  5. Hi, I am New Here and have to say this has all been a great help to getting my TQ working I am currently trying to create an application in vb.net to handle my throttle quadrant. My hardware is a pokeys 56E card and i am able to get all the inputs through the application. I have hit a brick wall on the final part which is to get my analog input to send the required values to Fsuipc. I can read the Values of 107 - 198 on the pot, my question is how do i get this value to move a throttle, Flaps, Speed break etc ?? Im sorry if i have not been clear with what i ask but hopefully someone can shed a light on this. Kind Regards Padraig
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