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  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU! I just downloaded and installed version 4. I'm VERY excited to give the render feature a go! Up to 60fps! I will send you a link to my first YouTube video in a few days if all goes well. I will give you credit in the video as well as a link to the program. I have many fellow video creators who will be very interested in your add-on! May I suggest in a future update, to add camera events in the recorded video? Camera switches automatically when you program the event. THANKS AGAIN, Fabio!
  2. I saw your YouTube video this morning. Very nice! Did you find that FCR was jittery in the external view or was that a result of an effect from ChasePlane? I would like to know some feedback on the render feature, please. Thanks!
  3. Great. Thank you. I'm having issues with the current version: Primarily PMDG. When I load a recording, the cockpit is totally dark. I can't even access the FMC to load a panel state. ALSO, if I can get the flight displays to work, the flaps don't extend to the different phases of approach. Only the spoilers deploy. Any thoughts? Thanks again!
  4. I haven't found it terribly smooth on my end and the sound is choppy. That's why I'm looking forward to the render feature. God I miss FSRecorder!
  5. I realize this. I own FCR. I want to know if the above videos are showcasing the new render feature in V4. Thanks 🙂
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