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  1. Hi all How do I aassign the buttons and keys to the FSUIPC, I have assigned other keys like switching frequency from NAV1 active to NAV2 standby...Ext.. I would like to assign from the AUDIO CONTROL PANEL on the PMDG 747 (Typical) Transmitter Selector switch which is the MIC SELECTOR to a given key on my keyboard please. I have been going through the FSUIPC Key Press List and i cannot find it. my FSUIPC is a registered version 4 for FSX, your help would be much appreciated.
  2. HI again You hit the Bull spot on fixed thanks ever so much. Yes it was "Focus back to Flight Simulator" Thanks again
  3. Hi again The thing is that when the AI Aircraft in the FSC10 gets close to the next way point the RING changes to the next way point, this make my flight sim want to fly this way point, infarct wiles i am on the flight sim which is running on a different screen of the FSC10 it simply losses sound as the FSC10 takes over, this should not be happening. to get back to my FSX i have to click on the FSX Main screen to regain control or even sound. Why dose the FSC10 takes over my Flight sim? Again this only happens when there is a route in the Commander.
  4. Hi all I have bought and installed FSC 10 working fine At present i have an issue with the Fly Flightplan I generate a Route via Route Finder and add it to the FSC10 no problem there, I am flying a PMDG 737-800 with my FMC programed, As soon as my aircraft departs from the given airport the FSC10 tries to take over of my aircraft and make the aircraft fly the flight plan not the route i have programed on my FMC. I have checked my setting and the GPS on the FSC10 and they are switched off. here you have a picture screen shot of FSC10 with the route and you can see that it shows the fly fight plan ring. I have attached and image of FSC10 and the GPS. I would appreciate your help
  5. Moved to Main Forum. Please ask questions related to FSUIPC only in Main Forum ! I bought My FSUIPC Version 3.3999z9 about 4 to 5 years ago with on problem at all I have done quite some updates along the way again with on issues At the moment i have bought a new PC and installed my Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition, now i cannot register my lattes FSUIPC Version 4 4.971 it dose mot accept my purchase product code or even an earlier version. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
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