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  1. Protocol was set to TCP The problem was that i need to change "network profile" from public to private on both PCs Problem resolved
  2. Thanks Pete I'll set the Protocol and try again If the problem remains I'll send logs tonight when I get back from work. Note sure what you mean re your first question: "WideClient Detected - WideServer NOT running" is log message that refreshes every 10 secs or so on the Sim-Avionics 'server' app. cheers Saul
  3. Hi Pete I needed to move from dynamic IP to static IP due to new router policy changing IP addresses. I have P3Dv4 and FSUIPC5.14 on PC-A and Sim-Av 1.91 on PC-B P3D says "WideServer: waiting for clients" while Sim-Av says "WideClient Detected - WideServer NOT running" I've tried editing the WideClient.ini on PC-B to specifically list the IP Address of PC-A but this makes no difference What have i missed? Cheers
  4. Hi Peter I resolved the issue. For some reason there were two Plasma-MM2 devices scanned into the FSUIPC5.Joyscan.csv file. I disconnected the usb from the yoke, removed the device via windows, re attached the USB to the yoke and let windows reinstall the Plasma-MM2. the FSUIPC5.Joyscan.csv file then included only one device and the axis assignment detected the yoke and everything is working properly. Separately, I have a button assignment question: What can I do when a button is to be assigned to a function not in the FSUIPC selection list. i.e. My throttle has a press button in the handle to disengage the Auto-throttle and my yoke has a button to disengage the Auto-Pilot but neither of these two action items are in the pulldown list in the button assignment tab. Any thoughts? cheers Saul
  5. Hi Anson did you resolve this problem? if so, How? In my case, I can assign the buttons (eg AP disconnect, trim up/down) but the ailerons and elevator movement is not being detected as axis. What did you do? many thanks Saul;
  6. Thanks Pete I'm actually travelling for business and will be back on the case in 30 hours. To answer your questions: calibration tab yes -16380 to +16380 sounds right for my CH Products yoke No driver software as far as i know. I just plug and play. I did delete, re connect and have windows download the driver - but thats all yes I did find the other thread but it didn't provide a final resolution regards Saul
  7. I'm looking to connect with anyone that has successfully got FSUIPC5 (within P3D V4.2) to properly read and configure a B777 Yoke stand from ACE (Canada). My computer reads the USB connected device, downloads a driver but refers to it as Plasma-MM2 and the thinks its a mouse. I can configure/calibrate it in windows 10 and P3D as a joystick but if I try to fly with it, it goes haywire (uncontrolled bank to the right and unstable elevators). If I try to calibrate in FSUIPC under joystick, the IN figures seem to read ok (I think) but the OUT doesn't register beyond an initial figure. Setting the Min Centre and Max is problematic with eg for the Ailerons: The Min and Centre being 15626 and the max being 16380 . I don't know if its hardware (eg does it need a special USB Type B cable) or software (ie some setting I need to do in Windows or FSUIPC) I've been previously using a CH Products desk yoke and it works perfectly well - so i know how to configure, save and fly. PLEASE HELP thanks Saul AUSTRALIA
  8. Hi Pete and Anson I have just received my ACE B777 yoke and I'm experiencing the same issues. (up until now I've been using a CH Products yoke without issue so I know how to configure the axis from FSUIPC5) What was the final conclusion for you Anson - were you able to configure/calibrate the ACE yoke from within FSUIPC? I hope so - I dread the thought of having to deal with ACE and send the unit back to Canada from Australia thanks Saul
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