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  1. Thank you Roman, your help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Maybe I missed something, but I am unable to assign the Aerosoft Twin Otter Fuel Lever function to the the mixture levers of my two Siatek throttle controls. I have a registered version of FSUIPC (4.974) but cannot find commands to assign the axis. (this has been cross posted in the Aerosoft support forum also with no suggestions offered) Can anyone help?
  3. Hi Pete, thanks for your support and reply. Your patience for such a simple problem is appreciated. It was those settings that you referred that I had been playing with prior toposting, but I hadn't been doing thinks correctly. You nudged me in ther right direction and it appears now I managed to find what I was needing to do. Rob
  4. I have been playing around with FSUIPC, and digesting the basic information out there to understand it. Some of the more advanced features will require much more time and trial and error to explore before I can confidently say I've harvested FSUIPC (and LINDA) functionality. I am currently trying to set up my Aerosoft DHC-6 300 Twin Otter's controls through FSUIPC (axis assignments) and LINDA (switches/buttons). This may be just just bad memory, or a vivid imagination, but I recall in my previous attempts to assign axis to this bird with FSUIPC, I was able to adjust the throttle range (of my Saitek throttle quadrants) in a way that advancing the lever all the way forward (to 100%) gave me full throttle, the 25% mark equated to idle, and from 25% to 0% provided a beta range (with the switch assigned to reverser). I have two trottle levers, one for engine one, the other engine two. Engine two axis is copied from Thr1. This allowed me "accurate" representation of conductiong the Twin Otter's Beta Range Check and Beta Backup tests. If I actually did this, it would have been stumbled on purely by accident, or there had been some sort of discussion online that I referenced , which despite my searches have failed to find such. So, was this imagination at play, or can this actually be accomplished? Would anyone be able to provide some direction on how this can be accomplished if at all? Thanks all in advance!!
  5. Thomas, I used FSUIPC to define the buttons for the default MSFS Cessna. I selected the button on the yoke, and assigned it the 'view mode' command in FSUIPC. I'm only getting two views with the pressing of the button. The 'S' key gets me 4. If I disable the FSUIPC control, I get a full 4 view cycle with the button. I think I may have resolved the issue though. I still had enable controllers checked in FSX controllers settings.
  6. I use it with my Aerosoft Twin Otter.
  7. Hi Thomas, thanks for your response. That is the setting I have assigned to the button, but it is only cycling through two views ... cockpit and control tower. I'm assuming I must be missing something else, probably something pretty basic as the solution isn't very complicated.
  8. A button on my Saitek yoke used to cycle through 4 different view whens pressued before FSUIPC. With FSUIPC installed and my buttons and axis configured, that sme button only cycles through two views. What must I do to program that button in FSUIPC to cycle more than 2 views?
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