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  1. Sorry hexzed I was jesting, looks like I am addicted to this program.Wife suggested a power point timer. Any other suggestions"? Mike. 😎
  2. Oh yeah, YSSY would be just great. I am having trouble with the pause and Close program buttons????? Any suggestions?? LOL Mike.😎
  3. Thanks Kev for the advice and I will store the emails in my KLINGER filing system ( Ex M.A.S.H. fan).
  4. Onto the next problem, how to know when you have had enough ATCCCCCCCIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGG! LOL.
  5. Good news BMT came thru with a product code @ 11am Sunday morning. Well done Barb. Inserted into Steam and away we go. Yeah!!!!!! As the book says, "Have a little faith" . Mike 😃
  6. Great can't wait, long time ago I purchased London Control, excellent training base but lacked the eye candy of TowerPro. It was good training and helped me to get a Tower licence on vatsim. 😎
  7. Great can't wait, long time ago I purchased London Control, excellent training base but lacked the eye candy of TowerPro. It was good training and helped me to get a Tower licence on vatsim. 😎
  8. Purchasing from Steam directly seems to be the answer, the "add a game" tab within Steam still requires a 10 to 15 digit product code which I dont have and does not appear on BMT paperwork. Hi Wayne, at least BMT respond to emails but cannot help as they are only money collectors, not product distributors. Now they tell me!!!!! Asked for a refund and was directed back to "feelthere.zendesk" (who as you may remember are not responding to emails until Monday morning). My fault for purchasing on a Friday from the US. Hmmmmmmmmmm. I also "Assumed" that the system was automated, like PMDG, ORBX, NAVDATA. FSPILOT, etc, etc. My fault NEVER assume. I am trying to remain calm and the response on this site is helping. As I have a registration key, all I need is the product code. Or is that breaking the rules"?? Mike.😎
  9. Hi Ben, thanks for the heads up, yes BTM sent me two emails, neither contained a download link. I emailed BTM only to be told go to Steam, or contact feelthere.zendesk.com , which I did and They referred me to the note on "Feelthere"web page about "Steam"download. Whatever that is! I have a steam account but cannot find within it anywhere to download this program. Yes I have checked spam mail repeatedly, no joy. Ben, just noticed you are about 3 hours ahead of me could explain why I am not getting any response. When I am awake and functioning everyone in the US is asleep and vice versa. Now of course its the weekend and I dont expect much to happen until Tuesday moring Brisbane time. Again thank you for the reply and moral support. Safe landings Ben Regards Mike.😎
  10. Hi have opened my Steam a/c and looked under all of the tabs etc. Not been able to find where I can download TowerPro. The only way appears to be if I purchase TowerPro via Steam/Games. Due to the timezone differences I dont expect an answer to this until my Tuesday morning early which is your Monday pm. Oh hum, will just have to keep flying around waiting for clearance. Mike. 😎
  11. Hi, must have missed something in the pay for it and obtain it routine. Purchased thru the Feelthere site and received my receipt from BMT with the essential product registration key. No download link. Something about Steam mentioned, so I opened my account but found nothing there. Steam are happy to have me repurchase program, of course. Can someone point me in the right direction I have all the emails documented etc. Mike.
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