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  1. You are the man sir! Looking forward to the upcoming release. Again thanks for your hard work over these years.
  2. Great work sir! I really appreciate you looking into this. Based on what has been presented here, I agree that the freeze would best work on the “taxi-out” state AI traffic. The option to have automatic triggers via LUA plugins along with the assignable control you are looking into would be great. Thank you very much for your ingenuity with the FSUIPC program.
  3. A button assignment would be great and would add more flexibility. In regards to the AI with take off clearances encroaching the runway, I had in mind that the feature would ignore freezing the AI which had already received take off clearance and was in the process of taking off to continue and clear the runway. This would allow that AI to go while freezing the following AI traffic that is holding short and waiting to receive take off clearance. The AI aircraft holding short is usually the one that enters the runway when on very short final. Thanks for you time and consideration in adding a option like this to FSUIPC.
  4. When I say slew I mean freezing the AI in there on the ground in their current position and then unfreezing them once the user aircraft touches down on runway. It would only freeze the AI traffic that have not received take off clearance. Activation could occur like 2.5 NM away from the arriving runway or at a 1000 ft when on final which would give the departing AI already on the runway time to clear it. The only addon I know that does this is Radar Contact. FSUIPC came to mind since its can maintain a set AI count automatically and gives the option to adjust traffic density. If you were to consider this, applying it to FSUIPC5 would be fine because P3D is the future. Thanks for your time sir.
  5. Would it be possible to create an option within FSUIPC to slew AI Traffic on the ground when on final similar to Radar Contact? It would prevent the runway incursions with AI traffic on the ground when not using the default ATC. The option to toggle slew all ai ground traffic on and off would be great.

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