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  1. It's not free but you might be interested in SuperTrafficBoard. Website - http://www.supertrafficboard.com/ Forum - http://forum.simflig...g-w-simulation/ Mike
  2. If you want a full explanation of which SDK you will need and how to install go here: SDK Install Mike
  3. First, using the FSX scenery library, move MyTraffic to between Propeller Objects and Addon Scenery. As Wallysworld says traffic takes longer to start, up to 20 minutes, if vehicles are active. You can temporarily turn them off to speed up departures. If still no traffic start the MyTraffic Communicator. Look in Manage FSX Settings and click Search for Traffic bgl's. It is used to find older (FS8) style traffic files which will interfere with MyTraffic. Once complete you can copy and paste the results here so we can see them.
  4. Maybe this will help: Airline Logos: http://www.museumofflight.org/logos http://www.airlinelogos.net/index-2.html Airport Logos (from Google search): http://tinyurl.com/6hughra Copy and paste to your logos folder(s) renaming if needed.
  5. Great idea! Looking forward to this one.
  6. 1. Having a taxi light on during daylight hours? 2. Hard to see but my guess is maybe landing gear doors?
  7. New MTX review is up at AVSIM: Click Me
  8. If you haven't installed FSX yet I recommend not installing in the C:\Program Files (x86) folder. Install FSX in a folder you create instead. That will help eliminate user permissions problems. I do that for any programs I install if given the choice. For MTX the install should be pretty straight forward. It will take some time to unpack all the files. Remember you will need to have either the FSX deluxe or FSX gold edition to make full use of the editor. Mike
  9. I never try to install anything from within a setup zip/rar file. That is looking for trouble. What I do: 1. Create a temp folder. 2. Unzip/unpack all the files to the temp folder created. 3. Run the .exe from the temp folder. 4. Once I'm satisfied that the program runs correctly I delete the temp folder. The only exception to the above is if the .exe is not a setup file, i.e. can run stand alone. In that case I unzip/unrar it to its own folder which I have named.
  10. Your Gold edition should contain the SDK (in its own folder). It is NOT installed automatically when you install FSX. This link should help you get it installed and running: SDK Install Mike
  11. If you are doing a full install of W7, i.e. not just an upgrade where you keep all your installed programs, install FSX outside of the Programs(86) folder. Many problems go away if you do that. If I'm given the choice I never install anything in the Programs(86) folder.
  12. Corrected link: DX10 aircraft list List starts about 8 pages from beginning. Mike
  13. Thank you for taking the time to post an update Graham. Mike
  14. Bob, TrafficDataBasebuilder is supplied with the FSX SDK (Software Development Kit) which comes with FSX Deluxe Professional or FSX Gold versions. It does not come with FSX standard. See FSX SDK Install Once the correct SDK is installed you copy the TrafficDataBasebuilder.exe to your main MyTraffic folder. That allows you to alter/create schedules/flightplans with MyTraffic Pro. Mike
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