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  1. The provided reg file didn't quite do the trick, but after cleaning out all the VID/PID keys from the two registry folders (and there were quite a few, most of them historical cruft), FSUIPC does not complain about duplicate GUIDs any longer. \o/ (Also, this was when the yoke stopped getting two separate GUIDs.) I reassigned my custom joystick letters and all four devices are behaving perfectly in the FSUIPC Axes and Buttons dialogs. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!
  2. John, thank you so much for your help. I totally realize that, by helping me with a corrupt registry, you're, once more, going above and beyond anything that could be expected. 💗 I'm familiar with regedit, just point me to the keys that need to go. 😄 FSUIPC7 - Copy (2).log FSUIPC7.ini
  3. Hi, when I connect my yoke to my system, FSUIPC cannot "see" my pedals any longer. The pedals are working when I look at them using the Windows "Game Controllers" dialog. [JoyNames] AutoAssignLetters=No Y=CLSE NG Yoke Y.GUID={BBAB7FA0-EC23-11E9-8003-444553540000} J=Joystick - HOTAS Warthog J.GUID={BBAB5890-EC23-11E9-8001-444553540000} T=Throttle - HOTAS Warthog T.GUID={BBAB7FA0-EC23-11E9-8004-444553540000} 0=CLSE NG Yoke 0.GUID={BBAB7FA0-EC23-11E9-8003-444553540000} 1=Joystick - HOTAS Warthog 1.GUID={BBAB5890-EC23-11E9-8001-444553540000} 2=Throttle - HOTAS Warthog 2.GUID={BBAB7F
  4. Testing was a bit delayed by the arrival of 🙂 + 7.0.0: no controls after MFS restart + 7.0.1a: working controls after MFS restart Thanks, John! ❤️ Note that 7.0.1a stopped logging while it was still running. Possibly because I opened the logfile with an editor? Not sure how write locks work in Windows. FSUIPC7.log
  5. I removed everything from FSUIPC7.ini that didn't seem relevant to how I use it, and restored the [Auto] section MFS was still running, I started FSUIPC, controls free & correct I restarted MFS, no controls, empty line in log At this point, I have no idea why you wouldn't see the issue as well. I'd be happy to test with a FSUIPC binary with extra logging or whatever. (I'm following this thread, so let me know here when you find the time, please.)
  6. I believe the problem is reproducible on my system: when MFS quits to desktop, FSUIPC "hangs" in some form or other; when MFS crashes to desktop (it happens much less often than before, but even with 1.10 it sometimes happens on my system), FSUIPC will keep working. Started FSUIPC, started MFS, started a random flight from World Map, control check: free & correct, returned to Main Menu, Quit to Desktop restarted MFS, random flight, control check: no controls (at this point, I would usually restart FSUIPC and commence flying), returned to Main Menu, Quit to Desktop, quit FSUIPC
  7. Sure, just reporting that removing the cruft did not actually fix the issue, so I wouldn't provide misleading information. As I mentioned in my original post, I don't like the use the bat, because I don't like the "Preparing the cabin" image (I'm generally not fond of "startup graphics" appearing on the desktop, just a matter of taste), and I got my flow starting all the tools I need. I don't need to restart any of my other tools (LNM, TrackIR, FSE client, Navigraph…) when I restart the sim (e.g. when modifying or updating mods, or when I suspect that the sim has entered an unstable state
  8. I was too quick to report back. I've seen the same issue today: I quit MFS last night, let the PC (incl. FSUIPC) run because I was downloading liveries. This morning, I started MFS and had no controls (until I restarted and registered FSUIPC). Not 100% sure, but my impression is that FSUIPC is only misbehaving when I quit MFS and the application exits "cleanly". When MFS crashes, FSUIPC behaves as expected and does not have to be restarted.
  9. After removing the cruft, I have not seen another instance of FSUIPC misbehaving.
  10. Hi, starting with the previous version released on Oct, 3rd, FSUIPC is often misbehaving on my system when I restart the sim while FSUIPC is running. I've seen it become unresponsive once. Quite often, I experience lack of controls in MFS until I restart FSUIPC. When testing with the Axes or Buttons dialogs in FSUIPC in this situation (before the restart), all controls appear to be working fine, but they don't have any effect in MFS. I don't use the wrapper script (I don't like the "preparing the cabin" thing), I'm always starting FSUIPC and MFS separately. Note the "empty
  11. I started MFS earlier today and forgot to remove the input profiles, and yet it worked. I have no idea what's going on there. But I guess soon it'll be moot, since a Hotfix appears to be incoming:
  12. Funny story: I wasn't aware that I was supposed to disable Steam Cloud Synchronisation. And, indeed, after I deleted the input profiles, I could see them being restored just before the actual MFS process was launched by Steam. And, yet, even though it makes no sense at all, removing the files (albeit only temporarily) seemed to solve the issue for me. There is one other change to my setup which could have had an effect: I know that my CH Pedals were part of the problem, because, when I had all other devices disconnected and plugged in the pedals, MFS crashed immediately. I had used an USB
  13. After downloading patch 5 for MFS (the one resulting in version, MFS crashed reproducibly during launch before showing the main menu. I was told to remove all my USB game controllers and try again. MFS launched fine. I plugged in my pedals, MFS crashed. I was told to remove all my custom "input profiles" (the files where MFS stores the assignments made in Options / Controls). MFS launched fine with all game controllers connected. I opened Options / Controls. I now have only three devices there: Mouse, Keyboard, TrackIR. MFS does no longer recognize my CH Pedals, my War
  14. I wasn't using the latest version. I find it cumbersome to follow the releases by checking the bottom of a thread. I wish the filenames would contain a qualified version number or release date. Updating to the latest version appears to have solved the issue.
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