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  1. flightsim1969

    Embraer ERJ135, ERJ145XRJ, P3D4 Aircraft Issues..

  2. flightsim1969

    ERJ P3DV4 No Nav Lights, No Beacon, No Strobe

    I am deleting the _E1X5 (left the space before the , though) but its asking me do i want to save it or dont save it what do i do if i pick dont save it puts _E1X5 reappears again how where do i ave this to and what folder do i save it to reall confusing///
  3. flightsim1969

    Embraer ERJ135, ERJ145XRJ, P3D4 Aircraft Issues..

    Yes this is the latest version I have installed already. So how are we going to fix the light issues.
  4. flightsim1969

    Embraer ERJ135, ERJ145XRJ, P3D4 Aircraft Issues..

    OK so I Uninstalled and reinstalled the Aircraft. I still have no lights the funny thing is all of my other aircrafts lights work perfectly. So in conclusion yes thier is a issue with the ERJ 135 and 145 feelthere software... This is not a Prepar issue it's a feelthere issue and I need a fix for this. I have a feeling this was not tested to a full extent with beta testers. Hope to get this fix quickly....Thanks again not trying to be a jerk just would like a fix for this..
  5. flightsim1969

    Embraer ERJ135, ERJ145XRJ, P3D4 Aircraft Issues..

    I did give you the version of the of prepar version I was using I stated it above. I am using prepar3v4 it the newest version. I am not using version 1,2,or,3, look I will uninstall it and reinstall it. If this issue continues to not work I will have no choice but to call my credit card company and dispute the charges due to you guys giving me vague answers. Have a good day....
  6. flightsim1969

    Embraer ERJ135, ERJ145XRJ, P3D4 Aircraft Issues..

    Wait a minute so what you are saying is that I bought this packaged not knowing that none of the lights on the Aircraft do not work hence the lower price are you kidding me. Nothing was said in the description that the Aircraft lights the wing lights and the Bcn lights did not work on this aircraft. What was said is the the weather unit does not work and that they would not be an update for that anytime soon. I hope I am understanding your comment above correctly. Is thier a fix for this or not. I am not going to fly an Aircraft without lights....you know $24.99 might not be a lot of money for you but it sure is for me.....
  7. flightsim1969

    Embraer ERJ135, ERJ145XRJ, P3D4 Aircraft Issues..

    I am using Prepar3 V4 Academic license.
  8. To Whom it may concern, Today I purchased the Embraer ERJ 135, ERJ145XRJ for P3D4. I notice that once I loaded up the Aircraft the landing lights and the wing lights and the BCN lights will not come on. I selected L on my key board and the lights did not come on. So I manually went to the inside panel of the Aircraft and turned them on manually and still no lights. Have not a clue what is causing this everything else on the Aircraft works wonderful just no Aircraft lights. Hope someone can help with this issue and thank you kindly.. Regards Edwin R

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