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  1. Hey Pete, Sorry for my late answer, but first I wanted to try several landings. It's difficult to test the theory, because the stutter does not appear on every landing. Now I had 3 landings, where I switched off autosave before final approach. And these times I did not recognized any remarkable stutters. But probably it is complete coincidence. I will wait for the next P3D hotfix, then I will change to P3D v5. And then let's so see, how this works. I will report that later on.
  2. I often get big stutters short before touchdown... I don't know, but I think it has to do with the autosave.... So I would suggest a feature, that the autosave will temporarily deactivated, after a descent below 5000ft. And it should be switched on again, when the aircraft stops. Probably there could be a config switch, to setup this hehavior. Peter, would it be possible to develop this? with regards Burkhard
  3. Hey! I tried to make a little automation in lua for the FSL-Airbusses. I wanted to read out the groundspeed, and depending on this, I want to set the Nosewheel-Disconnect Button. Below 25kn the Nosewheel should be connected, above then disconnected. But I failed doing this. The readout of the groundspeed is no problem. I found a lua example for this. But I couln't find out, how to set the nosewheel-disconnect button. Perhaps is anyone here, who knows, how to do this?
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