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  1. Hello Pete, i solved the problem with the settings of the condition levers from my Dash8Q400. Thank you for your help.
  2. Hello, i hope someone can answer my question, i would appreciate it. two questions: I have two saitek throttle quadrants and i want to configure the condition levers of my majestic dash8q400 and one lever must turn on and off the parking brake. I have read the documentations but i came to no solution. Condition levers: configuration with axis assignment for pitch 1 and 2 works not correctly. As i move the lever 1 it shows -16384 to 16384 that's probably normal, but i need a range from feather and start - idle - 850 - 900-1020. Fsuipc works there not quiet correctly, cause as i move the lever the changed feather to 1020 works only in the last third of the total range. So at -16384 there has to be start and feather and not when i push the lever as i remember to 14000, then the condition levers in the plane start to move from feather to 1020. I hope i have written it understandable. There is a solution in the majestic forum, but only for buttons: http://majesticsoftware.com/forums/discussion/82/condition-levers-with-fsuipc second problem: can i assign one lever of the throttle quardat to set the parking brake off and on? Thanks in advance Mark
  3. Hello Pete, i have solved the problem yesterday evening. One pin of the 6 pins PS/2 throttle connector was broken down as i plug it in. I fixed it. Thank you for you help. Mark
  4. Hello, installed: P3d V4, FSUIPC5 5.14, i have recently bought the Saitek Flight Yoke System. That means i have mounted the yoke + 2x throttles. i have installed the fsuipc version, registered version. Yesterday i was struggeling with the configuration of the system. Fsuipc recognized just one lever of the six as I moved them in axes configuration. The yoke was just recognized in left and right roll. It is the same issue when i install the saitek drivers or not. I have enabled and deactivated the yoke system in the p3d v4 settings. Same results. There is for some reason no connection between the fsuipc and my throttles / yoke. Thanks for the answers in advance best regards Mark

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