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  1. manu4life

    Configuration crash

    sorry to bother again but i deleted trafficboardfrontend.exe.config as suggested and i got "connectionstring" has an unexpected declaration. Any idea what this means?
  2. manu4life

    Configuration crash

    I think Microsoft net is where my problem resides but unfortunately I get a “error had occurred not all of the features were successfully changed” message when I try to install it which I’ve tried and unable to resolved. Think re install of windows is my only solution. Thanks for your assistance anwyay.
  3. manu4life

    Configuration crash

    Would you have any solutions I could try out by any chance😅it’s just super traffic board is an essential part of my fsx experience so I’m kinda desperate here. If not then no worries
  4. manu4life

    Configuration crash

    that folder is also empty with no content. I think you're correct. It seems to be a windows problem because none of those files seem to exist. Looks like ill have to re install it. 😞 appreciate your help
  5. manu4life

    Configuration crash

    Still no luck. Those files dont exist either when i go into that directory my FlyingWSimulation folder is just completely empty.
  6. manu4life

    Configuration crash

    I;m still getting the exact same error message 😞 any other suggestions?
  7. manu4life

    Configuration crash

    thanks much appreciated TrafficBoardFrontEnd.exe.config
  8. manu4life

    Configuration crash

    See this where the problem begins. For someone the user/simon directory doesn’t exist and neither does that file that needs to be deleted? Appreciate you taking your time out to help as well btw
  9. manu4life

    Configuration crash

    Hello, Super traffic board was working perfectly for a couple months then one day this crash came along(see attached txt document) any way to solve this? crash.txt

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