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  1. Rafael959

    FSC 10 error message (solved by user)

    Hello Volker, Thank you for all of your help! The information you sent me was like a lightning strike of knowledge and allowed me to fix the problem quickly and easily. I'll summarize the information here in an attempt to make it easier for other simmers. Most flight simmers have at some point downloaded freeware aircraft from sites like avsim.com or flightsim.com. In the course of installing these programs, we sometimes have to manipulate the folders and files within the zip files. When FS9 and FSX were released, the Windows operating system of choice was XP. In later versions of Windows the operating system handles installed programs differently and these differences are not readily apparent to old users of XP FS Commander 10 and FS9 or FSX must be NOT installed under the folder Program files(x86) or Program Files. This allows the add on program to "see" the vital, needed files in the FS program. I had already installed FSC10 under C:. I then merely copied the Flight Simulator 9 folder from Program Files (x86) folder to the C folder. This allowed FSC10 to "see" the needed files under the FS9 folder. As always, YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) Best regards, Rafael
  2. Rafael959

    FSC 10 error message (solved by user)

    Hello Volker, Thank you for your fast response. My apologies, as I forgot to mention that I do have that version of FSUIPC, that being 3.999z 9b. Best regards, Rafael
  3. Hello Volker, I hope you are well and thank you for this wonderful program. I started years ago with FSC 9. Recently, I purchased a new computer and FS9 on it so as to get the most use of previously purchased add-ons. Seeing FSC10 I wanted to use the latest version. I get the error message when I try to connect the GPS from FSC 10 to FS9: "unable to connect to simulator msg# (no process response) Pertinent details: FS Commander 10 version 10.0.5 installed in C:/FSC10 downloaded from Sim Market.com. Registration key used was from FSC9 purchased at Sim Market.com FS9.exe no cd version Windows 10 Home operation system FS9 installed in C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Games I hope that is enough information for you to help me make adjustments/corrections Please advise if more is needed. Thank you. Best regards, Rafael

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