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  1. Thanks msweetsr and Pete - I also had and tried the guide you provided and this is the steps I took previous to having to do a re-installation of FSX and my PMDG aircraft. Prior to the re-installation the steps worked perfectly and my CH had full reverse function but now I can't get it to work - it goes into full reverse and won't come out of reverse (throttles have no effect). Not sure whats going on and have used buttons at this point to get the throttles out of reverse. Guess I can keep trying and hope I can get it working again. Thanks again guys!
  2. Hi Pete, yes I was aware of the F1/F2 button option but I have always had no issue with PMDG and using the axis control on the throttles - I had to do a clean install of Windows so am trying to recover this performance again. Like I noted, I have it going into reverse but it won't come out of reverse short of using the F key. Not sure what happened if PMDG did something recently (I downloaded the files again so maybe they have added updates preventing the operation I previously had). Anyway, thanks for getting back to me on this - too bad the option can't be made to work it would be a notable benefit when using the PMDG products... Lyle
  3. Hi everyone - I am pulling my hair out after spending hours trying to setup my CH Pro Throttle Quadrant using the latest version (which I have registered) of FSUIPC. The issue is that after setup in FSUIPC and upon trying it on the PMDG 737-700NGX the throttle when pulled into reverse works with reverse thrust BUT I can't move it out of reverse unless I do so on the F keys on my keyboard. I had to do a re-installation and now can't seem to get it to work as it did before using the same setup methods. I also made sure I had no conflicting assignments between my CH Yoke and Rudder Pedals. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions/help in resolving this setup issue. Thanks in advance for your consideration! Lyle.
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