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  1. Just to check - is support for winXP stopped now for wideFS 7 ? I get a message "this is not a valid 32bit application" when I try to run it. I did check docs but could not see a reference to no support for XP. I tried on x3 different XP machines SP3 and all gave same error. Many thanks for answer - if I'm getting too old along with my PC's no problem! I'll stick with version 6.
  2. I’ve tried everything- but I notice even on videos online / youtube tutorials- these horrible shimmering lines are visible / especially as you zoom out views. I think it’s a program problem where it is not properly antialiasing edges and lines properly or it’s to do with the antistropic filtering. It’s such a shame but for 2018 I’m sure they could improve this with a few tweaks. I don’t have this with any other software i’m currently using like FSX etc
  3. I had those but it seemed like the steam version just would not work properly. I’ve re purchased the desktop version and it is working now. Hopefully i’ll get refund for the steam version. The issue of the shimmering/ lines antialiasing is quite pronounced no matter what settings I use which is a shame because the software itself is a lot of fun especially with the voice recognition working.
  4. Hi I just started using Traffic Pro 3d. I purchased via Steam. I have version sp 3.3c which i believe is latest. I also purchased the additional EDDS pack which is supposed to give real colour and real call signs (i think). - but i can’t see how to enable real call signs and the colours look the same, with awful (non antialiasing distant graphics). My settings are set high with a system that normally will give great GFX (gfx 1080Ti) I’m sure i’m missing something here ? Or have I made a mistake buying steam version? Regards Jon
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