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  1. Sorry... I always forget to check the FS configuration. I don't want to run out of fuel. Just happened once when I leave the flight sim running and then sleep. When I woke up, the airplane was without fuel an flying. Yesterday I was bored at my work, remember that and try it out. Thanks a lot, again!!
  2. Hello captains!! Some time ago, I made a flight and my Acft get out of fuel, but it keep flying. Now, I have just made a flight to test this and it happen again. I'm flying for about 30 minutes without fuel, but the engines still running. It is wright?? Can I do something to change this?? Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi everbody!! Does anyone knows if the FeelThere Embraer 175/195 V2 simulates fuel dump? I can't find anything on the manual. Thanks!
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