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  1. Heya all! This is an incredibly helpful thread to follow! I just would like to know where exactly I can find this base value? What line? Is the base number THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN? Thanks, Will
  2. Hi all. I am coming to ask for help about a very basic question - so please don't come at me for it. I have just recieved parts for a first panel, and I am struggling to interface the switches to FSUIPC (using the PMDG 737). It is the overhead anti ice panel. How do I interface it? I have heard that the PMDG 737 is a hard one to work with... Many Thanks. Edit: By that, I mean I have wired it up to a Leo Bodnar board, I just would like to know how to program FSUIPC to do this.
  3. Sandy1

    PMDG 737 Offsets

    It does look quite good - I was going to use OC cards, but I thought that it was rather a lot of money to spend, and I didn't even know if it would work. Apparently, you just plug an Arduino mega in (fortunately, I have about 2 lying around). The only problem is that they don't have many pins, so you don't get a very good "value for pins" as opposed to on the open cockpits mastercard.
  4. Sandy1

    PMDG 737 Offsets

    Thanks Brian. I use leo bodnar for my inputs too. That setup is incredibly clever, and must be quite compact - might use it myself! Dual rotary push button encoders are ridiculously expensive, aren't they? Around £25 a piece? Merry Christmas to you too!
  5. Sandy1

    PMDG 737 Offsets

    Thanks so much! That is definitely the solution. I am using MobifFight for the simulator (just a temporary fix!). Do you know if this conversion is possible in MobiFlight? Many thanks.
  6. Sandy1

    PMDG 737 Offsets

    Thanks for the response. In the offsets status document, I have found the offset for NAV 1 Frequency, and have tested it using the logging feature of fsuipc. However, I do not get the result mentioned (for a frequency 113.45, it will output 0x1345). However, in my NAV 1 radio, the frequency is 113.70. for type S16, I get read 4976, as opposed to 1370. Do you know how I can fix this, or what the necessary type is? I hope this makes sense!
  7. Hi Pete, I am currently building a 737 home cockpit with the PMDG 737 NGX. Inputs are looking good (i'm using leo bodnar cards) and I'm working on outputs using open cockpits sioc. I've been looking through the offsets, but no matter where I look, I cannot find the offset for the frequency in the radio panels. Do you know where I can find these offsets, or how I can access this information? Many thanks, Will
  8. Sandy1

    Tutorial: how to get LUA Vars or commands out of FS

    I hate that phrase! Good work by the way!

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