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  1. Hello John, Ok, everything is now working perfectly with the second option, thanks a lot ! For those who woud like to see an example, this is how I edited the macro file : [Macros] 1=MCDU_A 1.1=RX24400018,3 1.2=RX24400018,13 ... Regards
  2. The log has been attached. I've deleted some lines that seemed not to be usefull because of the size of the file. I use P3D v4 yes. I tried with and without assigning the same action when the button is released. Sorry, I should have said that, when the button was locked down, I tried to make a macro to release it. You're right, MCDU buttons are not toggle switches. I was just trying to unlock them with a macro but in vain... There are codes available on their forum to assign hardware to some actions but nothing for the MCDU.... And, unfortunately, I'm not familiar with codes or LVar and Lua terms at all. Thanks for your help FSUIPC5.log
  3. Thanks for your reply ! I've already tried this, setting the same action when the button is released but nothing happened... It seems that the button is held down until I interact with the mouse cursor in the sim... I also tried to make a macro switching up the button but it didn't worked. Regards
  4. MOVED FROM SUBFORUMS TO MAIN SUPPORT FORUM Hi everyone ! I am currently trying to make my VrInsight CDU work with the FSL A320. Yesterday, I succeeded in assigning all the buttons of the CDU hardware to the MCDU of the aircraft with FSUIPC mouse macros, it was working fine BUT... I can only click one time on the CDU, then, the button stay pushed and I have to click on it again with the mouse in the sim to release it. Do you know this issue ? Is there a solution ? Regards
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