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  1. Yes, maybe I need to get more info. Well, I have reinstall the FSUIPC and my A321 works normal.
  2. Hi! When I delete all mouse macros the FSL A321 software works normal. I have two macro files and each files contains 10 commands=20 commands. When I increase the commands in the mcro files the sim starts to lose FPS and I have to restart P3D. I have not had this problem in P3Dv4.5. The problem occurred when I upgraded to v5.
  3. Hi! I own a FSL A321 license and I use FSUIPC6 in conjunction with FSL A321. When I want to create a macro and return to the "cockpit" from FSUIPC6 ui. the FSL A321 software freeze. Sometimes I only got one or two fps. when I try to create macro.
  4. Thank´s for info! All controls in the cockpit freeze but went back to normal after ending the macro editor. I have no problem with other software but FSL A320-A319 need to be updated regarding some ATSU issue.
  5. Yes, I use Win 10 Prof, P3D.V4.5 with FSUIPC5.151. My add-ons: FS-Real Time, SimElite Time Zone Fixer, RAAS, SODE, GSX 2, Ultimate Traffic Live, Chase Plane, B747 Immersion, PrecipitFX , REX 3D Sky Force, Rex Texture Direct, PTA, AS for P3D, FS Global Ultimate, ORBX Global-Europe-NA. Several airport from ORBX, Flight Beam, W-F, Bridge, Fly Tampa, D-D, MK Studio, Just Sim, Pacific Island Sim and more. PMDG B-748, VRS F/A-18E, Milviz Phantom Adv, A2A Bonanza, A2A Spitfire, FSL A319-A320, Fly The Maddog MD-82, Vertx DA62, Just Flight AVRO Vulcan, Extreme Prototypes X15-A-2. All software up to date. The FSUIPC freezing issue is a minor issue maybe not wort to investigate any deeper. How can I create a macro function executing a 6-detent movement with only 2 button (e.g. A319 landing and taxi lights. On-Off-Retract)?
  6. Hi, Pete! Now it´s a pleasure creating macros! I have reworked my FSL A319 tonight, now with only 2 macro files instead of 18. During the programming of macros I only experience a small issue. After about 5 mouse commands the whole cockpit freeze and I can not move anything except from my Chase-Plane cam. When I ended the macro editor and vent back to my cockpit everything works normal.
  7. Thank´s for helpful info! I will take a look at all off my macros when I´m back in my simulator at the end of the week.
  8. Thank´s for info! FA-18 as an example: I have 18 macro files for FA-18. All macros represent one button press in the cockpit for one special function, "APU ON"=MACRO 1, "ENG CRANK L=MACRO 2", "ENG CRANK R=MACRO 3 and so on" e.g. Do I interpret you correctly that I can use one macro file that contains several different keystrokes with several different functions APU, Crank, Fuel, ext. lights, int. lights, eject, landing gear, weapon system, avionics and more? In that case, one macro file per aircraft will suffice.
  9. Hi! Soon I will reach the macro limit at 127. I have, afterwards, try to put all macros made for a special A/C in there own map but when I move macros from "Modules" map to a specific created A/C map my e.g. A319 can not see any macros. How can I create space for more macros when I reach the 127 limit?
  10. Sorry for a slow respond! I have a lot to do in my office and less time for my loved sim. I will take a look at the event logging to night!
  11. Yes, I need buttons for Seat Arming and Engine Crank and APU start (se added files). I have find APU in FSUIPC5 but it does not work in my F/A-18E. I can not understand why. In FSUIPC5 an alternative for Custom buttons exist (see added file) but it requires some "number of the control". Where can i find the numbers? The VRS F/A-18E gives me a high workload but the FSL A319 works as a glance in conjunction with FSUIPC5.
  12. I have searching for the "Seat Arming" in FSUIPC5 but I can not figure out how to program that function. I have also tryed to find A/P master on/off and A/T master on/off in section "buttons+switches" without success. I also need a little help regarding programming the TDC Cursor, GENTIE- and FCS reset.
  13. - Yes, I use A /C specific calibration tools. I have made some progress in my learning curve regarding FSUIPC5, thank´s to you. I can now successfully calibrate my controls in FSUIPC5. The axis assignment is still not solved. Also I´m able to assign key and button presses via FSUIPC5. Ad astra per aspera! Copy FSUIPC5.ini
  14. - Thank´s for helpful info! VRS have an alternative to calibrate FSUIPC in the A/C manager (please see added file). I have try the different paths you suggested but I´m still grounded in ny VRS F/A-18E. The flight stick sometimes move but I can only move to full left or full right and than it stucks in left or right position. It is a very sluggish movement of the flight stick. Not smooth, if you know what I mean. I can move the stick forward but not backward=can only move stick half the way.
  15. I,m disappointed because FSUIPC5 does not work in my configuration thereby my unfriendly post. Sorry for that. I relay need FSUIPC5 for my F/A-18E. I do not use Saitek, only Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog and CLS-E RUDDER Brunner rudderpedals. FSUIPC5 works in conjunction with standard A/C in P3D v4.4 but do not work in VRS F/A-18E. I have an alternativ wx to AS, the REX Sky Force software, for use together with VRS product. AS is needed for FSL A319 and PMDG B747-8.
  16. - Hey! Maybe it's in my configuration. I really hope that I´m the only one with all sim-malfunction. For me, FSUIPC5 is an unusable software. The only thing that this software has accomplished with my Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog throttle and joystick in collaboration with VRS F / A-18E, PMDG B747-8 and A2A Bonanza is that the axis of the levers does not work normally. The aircraft has become uncontrollable. Also my trusted Active Sky for P3Dv4.4 has started to send a lot of error. When I delete FSUIPC5 my simulator works as a glance. FSUIPC5 is an expensive way to create problems in the flight simulator, I think. If I want my sim to stop working I can, for free, infect the scenery.cfg or the terrain.cfg for exemplar.
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