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  1. I still have airac 1901 . I have tried this every which way possible and I am not seeing any PSS Directories created. I guess I am just not understanding something. Anyone want to try to explain this to me again please ? In C Drive/Program Files (x86)/Common Files/Topcat I have these things: Folders NavData and NAVData- Backup - Also bunch of numbers and letters .index file - cycle_info.txt - Database.tdb and lastly both the topcat_1913.zip and toper-db-updater.exe .. On my E Drive , under my Toper Calculator Tool , i have these things: 737NG Folder - airports_10.data - B737NG_activation.dat - ints_10.dat - runways_10.dat - TOPER_737NG.exe - TOPER_activation.exe - toperLib.dll - unins000.dat and unins000.exe Thanks
  2. Hello, FYI, i downloaded 1.9.5 Version and have gotten better results . Mark
  3. Hello, Just for the heck of it I tried to do what u said even though that would in my opinion defeating the purpose of this application. Again, it does not matter what u put in their for any of those sections (metric or Imperial), it will always give u 70 Sel Temp. Again, only the 737 600 gives a good number to use. Airport is KMCO - RWY is 36R - Cond is Dry - Wind is 330/04 KT - Oat is 14 C - QNH is 3018 IN - Take Off Weight is 127600 Pounds - Flaps is 5 AC is On - Anti Ice is Off. I have left the INTX Blank or I have looked up the Runway Length of also and put 12005 in their Runway 18L/36R Dimensions: 12005 x 200 feet / 3659 x 61 meters It just does not matter . Flex Temp always 70 which cannot be used. Mark
  4. Hello, I guess I am confused on what you are wanting me to do. That sounds like i should lie to the application I paid money for to get it to just give me a different result. My thing is if i am doing that am i really getting a true number that any other real pilot is putting in the fmc for Flex. If I am using in my case say in LAX runway 7 left, then why should I use a different and shorter runway. Or flap settings, if its flap 5 takeoff then why put 1. Same goes for weight, this app should work with the actual numbers i have. Is that what your asking me to do is lie to get a good result ? Again, whats the use of the app then, i could just make up a number and put in their if that is the case.. Or maybe I am just not understanding what your saying, will stop judging until I hear back. Thanks, Mark
  5. Hello Nikola, I just bought TOPER CALCULATOR TOOL - B737 NEXT GENERATION (TAKEOFF PERFORMANCE CALCULATOR) and I cannot get it to work properly. I fly 737 800 all the time, but it will give Flex Temp of 70 with anything u put in their for the 700, 800 and 900. The only only aircraft it gives me a different Flex Temp is the 600. Something is not right. I have updated it with the new Airac Cycle of 1901 but SimMarket has me downloading most likely a old version, but I still wouldn't think that would cause the app to give a better result by updating it. I need to know what I need to do to get this fixed. Or get my money back. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks, Mark Jones
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