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  1. I have a new computer with a new installation of P3dv 4.4 and also a new version of FSUIPC 5. Everything works fine, I have programmed some switches that are connected via a Leo Bodnar bb1-32 board for control of ATC replies. When I start the sim all this works fine, but after some time of NO USE of these buttons the only way I can get them to work is to pause f/s open fsuipc and select buttons page and then push any of the assigned atc buttons , close of fsuips un-pause sim and away we go ?? Any Ideas ? I also have some other switches assigned through fsuipc via the Leo Bodnar board but they are not affected !!! Rod Wright
  2. rodder47

    Fsuipc buttons stop working

    sorry for not reporting back but my 2 weeks old 2070 video card decided to go to sleep !!!!!
  3. rodder47

    Fsuipc buttons stop working

    Hi Pete, Yes SPAD works fine every time I load it as "administrator", If I do not load Spad as administrator, the panels work sometimes not others !! however just now I went into device manager and checked all the "universal serial bus controllers to make sure the "power management" was un-ticked then I went up to "Human Interface Devices" and checked every one of those items , some of them had power management checked so I un-checked them hopefully this will solve the problem and in future I will load P3D in "administrator Mode" thanks for taking the time, I will report back after I have run this system
  4. rodder47

    Fsuipc buttons stop working

    Hi Pete, the last statement is true in that when this happens everything attached to the bodnar card stops working and all I have todo is open fsuipc click on buttons and press any of the buttons and close off and all works fine for a while then a repeat. I have checked every usb port and disabled power management where ever possible but it is switched on again each time I check ? How can I solve this to be a permanent turn off ?? With spad.next I run as administrator and that seems to solve the problem for those panels. Can I run fsuipc as an administrator ?
  5. rodder47

    Fsuipc buttons stop working

    Thanks John but have been there done that I have checked further and it happens to all the buttons / switches that are connected to the Leo Bodnar card and then programmed through fsuipc !!! I love fsuipc for the infinite variety that can be set for the buttons etc hense why I use it in fsx and p3d

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