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  1. You're really not helping anything here Braf. It's already been noted in this thread that there has been no such poll (see above). I already own the game, and 3 of the DLC. But as an actual pilot and a programmer I see a lot of weak areas in the game. I said already that I think it's a good game, but with some extra work it could be a great game. If you look at the bug reports and feature requests you'll see its not quite there yet. Don't you want the game to be better? Wouldn't you appreciate if every time you bought a dlc your planes didn't spin? Or that planes didn't get stuck doing nothing randomly with no possible way to unstick them? Even if you don't there's nothing wrong with collecting opinions and doing polls to help the developers make informed decisions. Even if it's not their current mode of business it might help them realize there's unearned revenue in creating expansion packs with features as one example. Let's be honest, it's incredibly unlikely anything will come of my efforts. So just leave me to my own devices and you can go back to buying up all the new DLCs.
  2. The number of different opinions in the greater community won't actually be counted here in this thread (due to the title). Perhaps when I return from vacation in a few days I will create a community poll to find out the answer to the question "do people want dlc airports, bugs/features, or a combination of both"? It seems as if it's the logical next step as the developers believe that their players only want/are willing to pay for new airports. Perhaps if we can demonstrate that that's not the only way the fund the project we can get something happening. Thanks to all who voiced opinions here and contributed to the discussion especially Vic for adding his thoughts as well.
  3. This thread is about making fewer DLCs and instead providing features and bug fixes to the core of the game. Using Vic's presence in the thread to ask the unrelated question of "what dlcs are coming" is a hijacking. Let's keep the discussion focused on the issue at hand please. As someone who seems to appreciate the DLCs I'd invite you to leave your opinion. Are you happy with the state of the game? Would you like to see fewer dlcs and more instructions for planes, or some particularly annoying bug fixes?
  4. Please don't hijack this thread for discussion about upcoming DLCs 🙂
  5. I very much appreciate the response Vic. I would make one small suggestion. Perhaps it could make sense to release some of the most requested changes as well as an airport or two as a slightly more expensive expansion pack if it makes squeezing in things like plane taxiing features or some such thing more palatable and keeps the business alive. Development of paid content shouldn't have to be mutually exclusive either airports or features. Even though the dream in software is always to rewrite and make the next best thing and fix all the mistakes we made in the past it's not always feasible and so I have a huge amount of empathy there (been in the same situation many times). But as I said this product is good, it fills a niche very well it just needs a little extra polish to be great and so it's with deep sadness that I hear that the stance of the company is to wait for a rewrite (which of course won't have the same defects it'll have new ones that'll be there forever without a good update policy too). I'd say that it is definitely hard to please everyone but choosing only dlc airports is far from pleasing everyone and seems to only please a single type of user. I also won't accuse anyone of greed because it's impossible to know your situation or business strategy as a complete outsider but I don't buy the airports because they're priced 2x higher than half of my steam library and then if I want the full version I have to pay another chunk of money just for the colors and the core game isn't getting updates. This is far beyond the normally called out "dlc greed" of other developers so even if it's simply done to survive (which I take your word for) you must consider the big picture of how it looks to outsiders who don't know what's happening, the real circumstances or how much effort goes into each airport release or their real colors. Anyway, I'm stepping off my soap box now. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my question and help fill in the blanks. I now understand the situation even if it is regrettable.
  6. It does make me fairly curious why its difficult to create a new airport and why each one has unique bugs. Perhaps it's engine limitations. I have this weird feeling it's a unity game and every airport is its own copy pasted version of the game hence to change the core would require redoing all the dlc airports. You'd hope that wouldnt be the case but who knows!
  7. Well given the forum search you'll forgive me for not knowing these facts, thanks for the information 🙂 Also naivety has nothing to do with it, comparison does. My expectations are created from experience with other game companies who are also private and some who are public. See the fantastic communication and transparency of everything from pricing, game engine/design to hiring by the Factorio developers for a specifically great example. Of course not every game company can be as incredible, but it does shape general expectations of what's possible or thoughts about how things ought to be run even. Like yourself I'm not happy with dlc only, and so I wanted to know what's going on. You've provided a great summary so I'll just throw all these high expectations in the garbage 😄
  8. There's no reason for such attitude. Your reply adds nothing, I'm searching for reasoning. It's a good game, with a bit more TLC it could be a great game, why stop with what's already here? It's a very curious way of developing a game in this day and age where virtually anything you buy is updated for nearly a decade (Esp if there's dlc coming out frequently).
  9. It seems like it's been years since the game itself was actually updated. Feel there seems to only focus on making dlc airports. There's so much that can be improved in the base game in terms of aircraft handling etc. As there is continuous dlc being created and I assume bought (else why is there dlc being made?) then surely there's active developers that could work a bit on the core? Many suggestions have been made in the past for how to improve things but I haven't seen any patches introducing new behavior. Could someone elaborate on timelines or reasons or anything about this so we can manage expectations as a customer base?
  10. @Salad Oho, I didn't notice that. Today I was playing with giving them things on their path. I'm going to try your version later on. Thanks!
  11. @Salad Thanks for the advice. I did search around and found this workaround but it seemed a bit insufficient since if they're not waiting at a runway, they'll just be waiting at a taxiway and you have another version of the same problem. Does help them cross runways a bit faster I suppose, I was going to try it out with KATL tomorrow which I just picked up with the lunar sale! Thanks again.
  12. Ah that's cool @scoobflight, I hope they like these suggestions!
  13. I've only recently gotten this game. Is it still under development? There are a few things the developer could do to make the player's life better via some new commands and/or some extra functionality. I find the taxiing commands very good, giving complex routing works etc but the holding short and automatic holding short functionality really is difficult to deal with. The reasoning is that you can't deal with a landed plane in one command, you have to "touch it" more than once. This is because we're lacking a "cross" taxi instruction. If we were to be able to tell planes what to cross en-route in taxi instructions it would help a lot. "Leslie 123 taxi to apron via juliet cross 25L echo lima" or "TAB123 TAXI TO APRON VIA J CROSS 25L E L" in the game's terminology. The automatic hold short is actually really nice because otherwise I would have made a number of runway incursions. But planes don't call up or otherwise give any indication that they're holding short. This is problematic because if they're going to hold short a lot of the times your attention is so divided on 30 other planes that you forget that little guy hanging out at C. He'll just wait there forever, with no calls to you. It would be nice if when they stopped the plane to hold short they gave you a call "Philadelphia tower, TAB123 holding short of runway 25L". And then hopefully you could just tell them "TAB123 CROSS RUNWAY 25L". Although "CONTINUE TAXI" works too, it's just not what real life requires since you require a clearance to cross a runway. When a plane is waiting for something in real life and tower's forgotten about them, they'll usually call up a second time. It would be nice if planes waiting for taxi or holding short would contact ATC after a minute or two of waiting. Other than new commands I really wish I could see the status of planes, maybe this is not true to the simulation but when planes are bugging out etc it would be incredibly handy to see what they're attempting to do: "CLEARANCE: LANDING 25L TAXI: VACATE RUNWAY LEFT ONTO TAXIWAY E taxi: TAXI TO APRON VIA E L". Or even maybe just a command "TAB123 say intentions" and they'd rattle back their current instruction they're following. I think it would really make the game a lot more enjoyable if we had the cross command and have planes periodically calling up and saying things if they wait too long. The status thing I could take it or leave it. That's my feedback 😄
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