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  1. Someguythere


    But the issue here is completely different the issue being described here is one where MS Windows can understand things perfectly but the game cannot even when the same phrase is used outside and inside the game the game will not be able to comprehend it
  2. Someguythere


    So is Cortana on or off because there seems to be some disagreement. Also speech recognition? On off?
  3. Someguythere


    this is the exact problem I am having and still haven't received a good answer as to what next steps to take
  4. Someguythere


    Im confused, in the original post it CLEARLY SAYS cortana is working and you can talk to it
  5. Someguythere


    Nope wired usb. Also it wouldn’t explain the behavior of the recognition working out of the game interface but not in it
  6. Someguythere


    Why would I need to run that. The computer is listening and hearing and nowhere in the instructions does it indicate you need to turn on speech recognition. It says Cortana needs to be installed which is a completely separate feature and that is installed and running AGAIN the issue is that the game misinterprets what I say. The narrator and Cortana understand me fine. The game doesn’t. Turning on more features doesn’t seem like it will make things easier to troubleshoot
  7. Someguythere


    I am not using the speech recognition feature as you can see from the videos I posted
  8. Someguythere


    granted but the problem is not with me saying the runways, its with me saying everything... you can see that the voice to text this video is fine when its windows capturing (i accept that it will put too sicks instead of 2 6 as being an expected behavior) in this video here i feel i am speaking at a reasonable pace and reasonably clearly... i have tried enunciating more as well as slowing down and speeding up.... https://www.dropbox.com/s/sh9emiwqy183apa/IMG_0882.MOV?dl=0 my thing is i expect both in game and voice to speech to behave almost identically and they are not and because the game needs to interpret things in a specific manner (magic to max etc) i believe the fault isnt with the voice capture its with the game....
  9. Someguythere


    Correct nothing else is installed and the computer is set up so only the plantronics headset (microphone) is enabled As the video shows I am simply switching between the dictation and the game I guess my next step is to create a new user profile? What are the things that can be affecting this odd behavior?
  10. Someguythere


    As I noted everything is updated. The os the language packs directx etc. even the hardware drivers for everything yes the computer is set to English and yes as I noted it’s running in admin I am using an external plantronics headset that has been properly configured etc the dictation features in the os and Cortana work with no issues at all but the voice recognition in the game is faulted. You can see in the video that nothing changes except what is listening (the game vs the OS) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/js26m1go5mzsbn1/AAAmia4idqOah8bovtg3DlW6a?dl=0 that black bar at the top is the win10 voice to text feature that uses Cortana https://www.windowscentral.com/how-set-speech-recognition-windows-10 While the video only shows one capture comparison I have tested multiple times and the game always makes odd changes to my voice especially with numbers and the native OS capture always captures it precisely everything about this points towards a fault with the game which is why I’m trying to understand how to better troubleshoot this.
  11. Someguythere


    Can someone please explain the troubleshooting steps for voice issues YES I READ THE FIRST POST YES I KNOW ALL THE STUFF YOU WANT ME TO POST the issue I have is the game doesn’t decode my words properly. So I have the game running and I give a voice command and the game scrambles it (win 10 all updates all drivers up to date all the steps followed etc). Then without switching out of the game I use the windows10 built in narration feature and it gets everything I say every time I know the computer can hear me and I know it can understand me. I know it’s not the microphone the only thing that’s changing is the game and the windows 10 narration. When I say the game misses I mean 2 becomes 6 and things like that. I know that windows and Cortana can hear and understand me flawlessly because of the narration so what gives? yes everything is in admin mode etc before I screenshot and logs can someone offer me some guidance with the troubleshooting?
  12. Someguythere


    You may have sticky keys enable. Check to make sure this isn’t your issue

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