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  1. Yes, I mean the ipc.write()-s. But it might be just on my system, or also might not be doing the most precise time checking. I used the os.clock() and then the ipc.display() to display it. Agoston
  2. Hello 🙂 Just to let you know I managed to get the code working 🙂 I wrote a C gauge that reads LVars and puts them in the FSUIPC offsets, using your Module User library of the FSUIPC SDK. Haha, it took me nearly two whole days to find all information and to get everything working but finally up and running. 🙂 It seems to be significantly quicker to access offsets and LVars from within a C gauge. I can't notice any significant delay now 🙂 Ohh, and also did some timing on the Lua solution before started the C gauge. It took only 8 ms to read a single LVar but 50-60 ms to put it in the offsets...strange...I thought accessing the LVars was the slower part. Thanks for all the help 🙂 I hope now everything will work like a charm 🙂 Best regards, Agoston
  3. Hi, Thanks for your help. Yes, the ASI has some delay in real life if you make sudden change in airspeed 🙂 But if it is too much it may be because of poor programming as well 🙂 I will have a go and try to read some data from a C gauge then. I will see if i can have a little better performance. Thanks for your help. I will post if i get stuck and we will see if John or someone may be able to answer 🙂 Have a great holiday, best regards Agoston
  4. Hi, I think many of the LVars could be replaced by native FS values, but definitely not all, and probably would lose some nice details of this beautiful addon A2A has created. For example i did a test with the airspeed indicator. I compared the value of the LVar and the default value and I had to realise that the A2A LVar introduces the delay of the ASI, making it more realistic than the default one. (In stationary flight the values are quite the same.) So if there is a way, I would like to keep all the details possible. So i started to think a bit. And i remembered the first way of approach I wanted to make the whole thing work. I used a C gauge to get data from FSX sending values to a SimConnect based C# application. I was wondering if it would be possible to read the LVars in the gauge, (thinking it would surely be faster to access LVars that way, since it is supposed to be running in the gauge system of the FSX) and then write those variables to FSUIPC offsets. I knew it was possible to read and write LVars via a C gauge but I was wondering if it is possible to access FSUIPC. (I was thinking there has to be a way, otherwise how would PMDG and other developers use FSUIPC offsets??) So I started goooooooogling a bit 🙂 And found this forum topic answered by yourself a few years back: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/224015-how-to-reach-panel-parameters/ In your post on November 14, 2006 you wrote: So that made me think I am on the right path, but could not find any examples how to access FSUIPC from the gauge system. Either from XML (if even possible) or C. Do you think it is a good idea, or would it not make that much of a difference? If so could you please provide me with an example how to do that? And the way you began your last answer to me made me think as well: Would you have suggestion if i used a different language? And if so what language should I go for? Thank you very much in advance for your help, best regards, Agoston
  5. Hi, Yeah, i forgot to give details what i am trying to achive in the end. So I am designing a home cockpit of a C172. I chose to use an A2A C172 in FSX because it is modelled extremely realistically. But i went the unconventional way and decided to build each gauge with stepper and servo motors and real needles instead of just putting an LCD behind the instrument panel. And that is why i want to achive the maximum possible refresh rateof these data. And that decision is causing a lots of headaches now... 🙂 On the hardware side I am using an Arduino mega and some custom design board to read a bunch of rotary encoders, a switch matrix, a LED control panel that can control up to 1024 LEDs, a stepper and a servo motor controller board. And I am using a C# applicatiuon with FSUIPCClient.dll to conenct arduino with FSX. The main problem is that A2A stores a lot of data in LVars. They provide a nice pdf file with the list of LVars for home cockpit builders on their website. But I couldnt find any information about them providing a more efficient way to interface the airplane. My first approach was to use SimConnect but for that i had to write a C gauge to send LVars to the C# program, and that seemed to be a way to complicated, but i havent done a speed test with that method unfortunately. Now i started to think if it is possible to access fsuipc offsets with xml gauges, and if that would make any difference if i tried to write LVars to offsets that way... Have you got any suggestions? Or maybe should I chose a different model as the base of the sim? Is there any realistic C172 model that can be well interfaced with FSUIPC? Thanks in advance for any help, Agoston
  6. Hi, Thanks for your answers. I have tried using the event system, but for a strange reason i am having even worse results... Here is the code: function writeAirSpeed(varname, value) ipc.writeFLT(0x66C0, value) end event.Lvar("L:AirspeedIndicatedNeedle", 100, "writeAirSpeed") function writeHeading(varname, value) ipc.writeFLT(0x66C4, value) end event.Lvar("L:HeadingGyro", 100, "writeHeading") function writeAdfCdiNeedle(varname, value) ipc.writeFLT(0x66D8, value) end event.Lvar("L:AdfCdiNeedle", 100, "writeAdfCdiNeedle") As long as i subscribe to only one event or two i am having no trouble, performance is great. But already when i add the third one, one of the values get updated rarely, while the other two works fine. In this case the airspeed just gets refreshed every few seconds only. First i have tried with a lot more values with similar results but then the values at the end of the code didnt get regular update. I have read in the documentation that the minimum interval for polling is 100ms. So i have set the minimum value for every event, because i want to achieve the maximum refresh rate possible. I have read somewhere that same type of events don't get queued if they are not handled fast enough. Might something like that be happening in my case? I created separate functions for each value so that it won't take extra time to process which value needs to go to which offset. Is there anything I am overlooking? And about the logging now i get it. I forgot that though the value coming from FSX is the same, but I am changing it before writing it to the offset, so the actual value changes. Thank you for pointing it out 🙂 Now I understand more about logging 🙂 Thanks in advance, best regards, Agoston
  7. Hi, It's meg again 🙂 I have tried using the PMDG's offsets but they don't seem to be working. But luckily Project Magenta's offsets work so combined with the allocated user offsets i seem to have enough space. Now updating all info i need on the c# side is really qick using just a single Process() call, around 50 ms. But the situation on the Lua seems to be a lot worse. I decided to check the time the Lua needs to update all my offsets and it seems that it takes nearly 4 seconds to update them. Maybe i am doing something wrong? Here is my code: while 1 do local time = os.clock() -- Data for flight instruments airSpeed = ipc.readLvar("L:AirspeedIndicatedNeedle") ipc.writeFLT(0x66C0, airSpeed) heading = ipc.readLvar("L:HeadingGyro") ipc.writeFLT(0x66C4, heading) attitudeIndicatorGyroFlag = ipc.readLvar("L:AttitudeIndicatorFlag") ipc.writeUB(0x66DC, attitudeIndicatorGyroFlag) -- Data for navigation instruments cdi1Needle = ipc.readLvar("L:Cdi1Needle") ipc.writeFLT(0x66CC, cdi1Needle) gsi1Needle = ipc.readLvar("L:Gsi1Needle") ipc.writeFLT(0x66D0, gsi1Needle) cdi2Needle = ipc.readLvar("L:Cdi2Needle") ipc.writeFLT(0x66D4, cdi2Needle) adfCdiNeedle = ipc.readLvar("L:AdfCdiNeedle") ipc.writeFLT(0x66D8, adfCdiNeedle) nav1ObsNeedle = ipc.readLvar("L:Nav1ObsNeedle") nav1ObsNeedle = nav1ObsNeedle * 10 ipc.writeSW(0x66DD, nav1ObsNeedle) nav1ToFromFlag = ipc.readLvar("L:ToFrom1Needle") ipc.writeUB(0x66DF, nav1ToFromFlag) nav1GsiFlag = ipc.readLvar("L:Gsi1Flag") ipc.writeUB(0x66E0, nav1GsiFlag) nav2ObsNeedle = ipc.readLvar("L:Nav2ObsNeedle") nav2ObsNeedle = nav2ObsNeedle * 10 ipc.writeSW(0x66E1, nav2ObsNeedle) nav2ToFromFlag = ipc.readLvar("L:ToFrom2Needle") ipc.writeUB(0x66E3, nav2ToFromFlag) adfHeadingNeedle = ipc.readLvar("L:AdfHdgNeedle") adfHeadingNeedle = adfHeadingNeedle * 10 ipc.writeSW(0x66E4, adfHeadingNeedle) -- Data for engine instruments engOilPressure = ipc.readLvar("L:Eng1_OilPressure") ipc.writeFLT(0x66C8, engOilPressure) fuelLeft = ipc.readLvar("L:FuelLeftWingTank") ipc.writeFLT(0x66E6, fuelLeft) fuelRight = ipc.readLvar("L:FuelRightWingTank") ipc.writeFLT(0x66EA, fuelRight) egt = ipc.readLvar("L:Eng1_EGTGauge") ipc.writeFLT(0x66EE, egt) fuelFlow = ipc.readLvar("L:Eng1_GPH") ipc.writeFLT(0x66F2, fuelFlow) tachometer = ipc.readLvar("L:Eng1_RPM") ipc.writeSD(0x04E4, tachometer) oilTemp = ipc.readLvar("L:Eng1_OilTemp") ipc.writeFLT(0x04E8, oilTemp) ammeter = ipc.readLvar("L:Ammeter1") ipc.writeFLT(0x04EC, ammeter) -- Data for the radios com1OnOff = ipc.readLvar("L:Com1OnOff") ipc.writeUB(0x04F0, com1OnOff) com2OnOff = ipc.readLvar("L:Com2OnOff") ipc.writeUB(0x04F1, com2OnOff) nav1ElecPwr = ipc.readLvar("L:Nav1RadioOn") ipc.writeUB(0x04F2, nav1ElecPwr) nav2ElecPwr = ipc.readLvar("L:Nav2RadioOn") ipc.writeUB(0x04F3, nav2ElecPwr) nav1Ident = ipc.readLvar("L:Nav1PullIdent") ipc.writeUB(0x04F4, nav1Ident) nav2Ident = ipc.readLvar("L:Nav2PullIdent") ipc.writeUB(0x04F5, nav2Ident) isAdfOn = ipc.readLvar("L:AdfOnOffKnob") ipc.writeUB(0x04F6, isAdfOn) adfElecPwr = ipc.readLvar("L:AdfRadioOn") ipc.writeUB(0x04F7, adfElecPwr) adfModeOn = ipc.readLvar("L:AdfAdfButton") ipc.writeUB(0x04F8, adfModeOn) adfBfoOn = ipc.readLvar("L:AdfBfoButton") ipc.writeUB(0x04F9, adfBfoOn) adfKnobPull = ipc.readLvar("L:AdfFreqInnerKnobPull") ipc.writeUB(0x04FA, adfKnobPull) transponderMode = ipc.readLvar("L:xpdr_onoff_knob_pos") ipc.writeUB(0x04FB, transponderMode) transponderElecPwr = ipc.readLvar("L:AvionicsElecPower") ipc.writeUB(0x04FC, transponderElecPwr) isDmeOn = ipc.readLvar("L:kn62OnOff") ipc.writeUB(0x04FD, isDmeOn) dmeMode = ipc.readLvar("L:kn62Function") ipc.writeUB(0x04FE, dmeMode) isGpsOn = ipc.readLvar("L:GpsOnSwitch") ipc.writeUB(0x04FF, isGpsOn) audioPanelNav1 = ipc.readLvar("L:kma26Nav1Switch") ipc.writeUB(0x0500, audioPanelNav1) audioPanelNav2 = ipc.readLvar("L:kma26Nav2Switch") ipc.writeUB(0x0501, audioPanelNav2) audioPanelMkr = ipc.readLvar("L:kma26MkrSwitch") ipc.writeUB(0x0502, audioPanelMkr) audioPanelDme = ipc.readLvar("L:kma26DmeSwitch") ipc.writeUB(0x0503, audioPanelDme) audioPanelAdf = ipc.readLvar("L:kma26AdfSwitch") ipc.writeUB(0x0504, audioPanelAdf) audioPanelSelector = ipc.readLvar("L:kma26SelectorKnob_pos") ipc.writeUB(0x0505, audioPanelSelector) -- Switch and lever positions -- For some reason 0x0506, 0x0507, 0x0509 don't work so replaced by later offsets alternatorSwitch = ipc.readLvar("L:Eng1_GeneratorSwitch") ipc.writeUB(0x051A, alternatorSwitch) batterySwitch = ipc.readLvar("L:Battery1Switch") ipc.writeUB(0x051B, batterySwitch) ignitionSwitch = ipc.readLvar("L:Magnetos1Pct") ipc.writeUB(0x0508, ignitionSwitch) fuelSelectorSwitch = ipc.readLvar("L:FSelC172State") ipc.writeUB(0x051C, fuelSelectorSwitch) fuelCutoffSwitch = ipc.readLvar("L:Eng1_FuelCutOffSwitch") ipc.writeUB(0x050A, fuelCutoffSwitch) trimPosition = ipc.readLvar("L:TrimtabPosition") ipc.writeFLT(0x050B, trimPosition) throttlePosition = ipc.readLvar("L:Throttle1Position") ipc.writeFLT(0x050F, throttlePosition) mixturePosition = ipc.readLvar("L:Eng1_MixtureManualLever") ipc.writeFLT(0x0513, mixturePosition) gpsNavSwitch = ipc.readLvar("L:GpsModeLight") ipc.writeUB(0x0517, gpsNavSwitch) flapsLeverPosition = ipc.readLvar("L:LandFlapsPos") ipc.writeUB(0x0518, flapsLeverPosition) altStaticAir = ipc.readLvar("L:StaticAir") ipc.writeUB(0x0519, altStaticAir) -- Next available offset: 0x051D -- Annunciator panel Data annPanelLowFuel = ipc.readLvar("L:FuelLight") ipc.writeUB(0x051D, annPanelLowFuel) annPanelLowFuelL = ipc.readLvar("L:FuelLLight") ipc.writeUB(0x051E, annPanelLowFuelL) annPanelLowFuelR = ipc.readLvar("L:FuelRLight") ipc.writeUB(0x051F, annPanelLowFuelR) annPanelPitchTrim = ipc.readLvar("L:PitchTrimLight") ipc.writeUB(0x0520, annPanelPitchTrim) annPanelOilPress = ipc.readLvar("L:OilPressLight") ipc.writeUB(0x0521, annPanelOilPress) annPanelVac = ipc.readLvar("L:VacLight") ipc.writeUB(0x0522, annPanelVac) annPanelVacL = ipc.readLvar("L:VacLLight") ipc.writeUB(0x0523, annPanelVacL) annPanelVacR = ipc.readLvar("L:VacRLight") ipc.writeUB(0x0524, annPanelVacR) annPanelVolts = ipc.readLvar("L:VoltsLight") ipc.writeUB(0x0525, annPanelVolts) annPanelSwitchPos = ipc.readLvar("L:AnnunciatorPanelTestSwitch") ipc.writeUB(0x0526, annPanelSwitchPos) ipc.display(string.format("elapsed: %.4f\n", os.clock() - time)) end Also the log file of my Lua script in the Modules folder looks strange. 2024641 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:13 2024656 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:15 2024656 LUA: Local: time = 2024.651 2024656 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:16 2024656 LUA: Global: airSpeed = 0.012498825303282 2024703 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:18 2024703 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:19 2024719 LUA: Global: heading = 312.2686369365 2024766 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:21 2024766 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:22 2024828 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:25 2024828 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:26 2024828 LUA: Global: cdi1Needle = 46.609531300374 2024891 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:28 2024891 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:29 2024953 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:31 2024953 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:32 2024953 LUA: Global: cdi2Needle = 53.390503277407 2025000 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:34 2025000 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:35 2025063 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:37 2025063 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:38 2025063 LUA: Global: nav1ObsNeedle = 27 2025078 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:39 2025078 LUA: Global: nav1ObsNeedle = 270 2025125 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:41 2025125 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:42 2025188 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:44 2025188 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:45 2025250 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:47 2025250 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:48 2025250 LUA: Global: nav2ObsNeedle = 117 2025250 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:49 2025250 LUA: Global: nav2ObsNeedle = 1170 2025297 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:51 2025313 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:52 2025359 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:54 2025359 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:55 2025359 LUA: Global: adfHeadingNeedle = 170 2025375 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:56 2025375 LUA: Global: adfHeadingNeedle = 1700 2025422 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:59 2025422 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:60 2025422 LUA: Global: engOilPressure = 65.36714720856 2025484 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:62 2025484 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:63 2025484 LUA: Global: fuelLeft = 13.288883924031 2025547 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:65 2025547 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:66 2025547 LUA: Global: fuelRight = 12.178045634074 2025609 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:68 2025609 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:69 2025609 LUA: Global: egt = 1171.4484418552 2025656 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:71 2025656 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:72 2025672 LUA: Global: fuelFlow = 2.0379332020828 2025719 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:74 2025719 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:75 2025719 LUA: Global: tachometer = 1043.8934864848 2025781 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:77 2025781 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:78 2025781 LUA: Global: oilTemp = 83.864938908228 2025844 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:80 2025844 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:81 2025844 LUA: Global: ammeter = 23.541568853379 2025906 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:87 2025906 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:88 2025953 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:90 2025969 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:91 2026016 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:93 2026016 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:94 2026078 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:96 2026078 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:97 2026141 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:99 2026141 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:100 2026203 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:102 2026203 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:103 2026266 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:105 2026266 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:106 2026313 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:108 2026328 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:109 2026375 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:111 2026375 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:112 2026438 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:114 2026438 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:115 2026500 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:117 2026500 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:118 2026563 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:120 2026563 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:121 2026625 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:123 2026625 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:124 2026672 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:126 2026688 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:127 2026734 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:129 2026750 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:130 2026797 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:132 2026797 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:133 2026859 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:135 2026859 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:136 2026922 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:138 2026922 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:139 2026984 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:141 2026984 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:142 2027047 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:144 2027047 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:145 2027109 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:147 2027109 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:148 2027156 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:150 2027156 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:151 2027219 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:155 2027219 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:156 2027281 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:158 2027281 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:159 2027344 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:161 2027344 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:162 2027406 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:164 2027406 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:165 2027453 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:167 2027469 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:168 2027516 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:170 2027516 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:171 2027578 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:173 2027578 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:174 2027641 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:176 2027641 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:177 2027703 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:179 2027703 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:180 2027766 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:182 2027766 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:183 2027828 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:185 2027828 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:186 2027891 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:190 2027891 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:191 2027938 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:193 2027953 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:194 2028000 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:196 2028000 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:197 2028063 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:199 2028063 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:200 2028125 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:202 2028125 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:203 2028188 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:205 2028188 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:206 2028250 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:208 2028250 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:209 2028297 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:211 2028297 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:212 2028359 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:214 2028359 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:215 2028422 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:217 2028422 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:218 2028484 LUA: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Modules\DiamontSim.lua:220 I noticed that after most of the lines where i write a variable, its value gets logged. But i noticed that some of them don't get logged. Like nothing is logged after line 81. First i thought tha only the values that are different from their previous values get logged. But as i scrolled further down i noticed that for example the adfHeadingNeedle's value doesnt change and still gets logged. Is this behaviour of the logging normal? My software seems to get all the data, but some of them with significant delays. For example when a light flashes on the annunciator panel, in FSX it is a consistent flashing but when it gets to the c# code, it just seems to be a mess. Sometimes it doesnt even come on. When I write just one Lvar to an offset it takes around 60ms. So similar to a process call. Am i doing something wrong that it is so slow? Is there a faster way that i ignored? Thanks in advance, best regards, Agoston
  8. Hi, Thanks a lot 🙂 I am developing for my own use right now. So i will try the PMDG block because I am using A2A Cessna 172 to build my home cockpit, so for sure using PMDG block it wont cause any problem 🙂 Thanks again 🙂 Greetings, Agoston
  9. Hi, I have upgraded to the paid version of FSUIPC and tried the solution you suggested with Lua. It works like a charm, thank you very much for that. My question is if there are other offsets available for custom use or just the 64 bytes beginning at 0x66C0? Thanks in advance, Agoston
  10. Hi, Thank you very much for the quick reply 🙂 Yes, i have my experience with SimConnect... it was a disaster to use. I could not find a way to acces local variables with using only sim connect(maybe there is but as you mention, documentation was very poor...), so i had to work around the problem by writing a C gauge that could acces LVars and fired Win32 events to communicate with my c# program...that was really unefficient i think. Didn't measure time back then but it was very difficult to work that way. Thats why i tried your library 🙂 It makes everything so much easier. I will look into the LUA solution. I hope it will make things as quick as i need 🙂 Thanks again, and best regards, Agoston
  11. Hi, I am working on an interface software(C#) between my self-made hardware and FSX. I am using the A2A C172, and it uses a lot of L:Vars. My problem is that it seems to be very slow. I don't know if it is because of my computer. When I call the FSUIPCConnection.Process(); method it feels to be fairly quick, takes around 50 millisecond to process my offsets. But when i call the necessary ReadLVar() methods as well, it takes around 500 milliseconds to run, which is way too much delay. I have read in a topic that it is possible to read LVars with offsets: Here is the post i mean: It seems very appealing to read LVars with offsets, but as far as i can understand is it possible to read only one at a time. Is that right? What would you recommend if i need to work with large amount of LVars? Would it make sense to try multithreading? Thanks in adcance for any help 🙂 Best regards, Agoston
  12. Hi, Thank you very much for your answer. I was trying to find it in the LVars but unfortunately I couldn't find anything like that there. And also tried the DME2 offsets but they contain info about the station tuned into NAV2. I hope A2A will have some idea. Hopefully i have overlooked something. And by the way thank you for the dll. It is extremely helpful tool 🙂 First I have tried using SimConnect but it was terrible experience because of the lack of proper documentation and good examples. Your dll makes it a lot quicker and more easily understandable to develop for FS 🙂 Best wishes, Agoston
  13. Hi, I am working on a home cockpit design with self-designed hardware and software. At the moment I am working on the software that handles communication between my hardware and FSX. On the software side I am using an A2A Cessna 172 since it looks to be quite a realistic plane. But it is not easy to get every data i need from that plane. At the moment I am trying to get some info from the DME. If the DME is set to the RMT mode, it checks the NAV1 radio if the station tuned has DME and reads the distance and the relative GS to it. It is relatively easy to find. But if it is in FRQ or GS/T mode, you can tune a separate DME station and get the distance and GS from it. And that is where i got stuck. Because it is not stored in any LVars neither in any offsets, as far as i could find out. So I am thinking if it would be possible to get the coordinates of the nearest radio station with a given frequency? And if i somehow have those coordinates as far as i know, i could use the class provided to calculate the distance between those coordinates and the current position of the plane. Maybe I would need to write an XML instrument and put some data in LVars? Or would i need to load somehow the FS navigation radio database? Has anyone got any ideas or advices? Thanks in advance for any help, Agoston
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