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  1. Dear Simon, Thanks your hard work support for fixing the problem in here, I have delete the "add-ons.cfg" file and it look work. Thank you very much again.
  2. Hello, following the "collecting trace" guide, please find the code in below with the beta version installed. Thank you.
  3. Can you share how you can fix it, I have the same problem but no idea how to fix, thank you.
  4. Hello, I try this beta version and compile airport without help. Same error was display
  5. Hello Simon, Thanks for your prompt reply, following the "collecting trace" guide, please find the code in below. Since I have try to uninstall and reinstall STB to see any help, so the version on this test is 4.0.2017.21200 Thank you very much
  6. Hello all, I am a new member in this support forums, and I would need report an error during compile airport in my sim, any idea how can be fix? *uninstall and reinstall was conducted but no help, thank you. An exception occurred while trying to compile a new airports database. As a result of this error, the default airport database will be used. The default database does not contain flight schedules, airport data (runways and parking) or airport names you may have customized. This may result in incorrect flight numbers being displayed, incorrect departures schedules f
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