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  1. Maybe it was was the wrong forum? How do I link my FSX to fly here? In other words, do I flay an airport here? Very confusing. If this is the wrong forum where do I post to ask this question?
  2. Hello, new person here. Bear with me....I looked thru the forum literature to find an answer before posting this. No luck. I used to fly VIFC years ago and things apparently changed since then. I used to know how to fly the program and can't remotely figure it out so now I can use your assistance. No doubt this has been discussed ad-nauseum. Currently I'm running Vista 32 bit. I cant seem to figure out how to download or install the needed items, I get error messages and unable to install pop-ups, Left over on my PC are things like FWInn - Inn control panel, FSFDT Control Panel off line, and a Team Speak Icon. Will I need to upgrade my PC to install the needed items to fly here? It's not like riding a bike in this instance. Am I outdated? I can remember 12 years ago Jaques actually got in my computer and configured this program and then the rest was OK. Not so sure anymore. Can I get assistance to get set up again. I know it's a PITA to explain however I would like to fly here again and with other people. How is it done and do I need an upgrade? Any assistance would be appreciated.
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