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  1. So I was able to hunt the problem and find the cause. I have a dedicated sound card, an ASUS one. And this sound card came with this software STRIX SOUND CARD. It gets installed on C:\Program Files\ASUSTeKcomputer.Inc\nhAsusStrix\UserInterface, and the .exe name is nhAsusStrixUILauncher.exe. I was able to make it work by killing the app and set it to not boot up when Windows start. I hope this helps other users to troubleshoot this problem. Any software installed to handle the sound card in any way could be interfering with Tower3D! Still, don't know why an app I c
  2. I will. I still want to find out what's causing the issue. What's different between these two profiles on my Windows.
  3. So I created a fresh Windows profile. And it's working. Didn't touch Windows Speech Recognition on the new profile, now I don't know if speech profiles are shared between Windows accounts.
  4. That day was the day I was playing with that app to test Voice Recognition. I tested it and then I went to Tower3D to try something and it was working. Nothing else changed.
  5. First thing I do when my computer starts is run Tower3D! Pro. I know voice recognition is working because I'm able to dictate witouth a problem. Also since I'm a programmer I created a little C# app to test Microsoft Speech SDK and it works perfectly. If my app is capable of collect audio from the mic and convert it to text without a problem I don't understand why Tower3D! Pro can't if both are using the same Microsoft Voice Recognition library. Tower3D! is acting like if I was not speaking at all. I tried disabling the Antivirus and that didn't work. Next thing I'm going to try is creating
  6. As I mentioned before. Yes, I'm running Tower3DPro and towerspeakbridge as administrator. It worked two days ago, is not working anymore.
  7. No, I turned the computer off to go to sleep. Then this morning I turn it on. Now is doing the same, when I speak, the game doesn't type at all. I know the mic is working because I enabled "Listen to this device" so I can hear my voice back. Yesterday I closed and opened the game several times so that's not the issue. Speech recognition is working I can dictate without a problem. Cortana is working as well.
  8. So, yesterday was working, I played for about 4 hours. I turn on my computer today and it doesn't work at all.
  9. Yes, Cortana is working and I can talk to it. Yes, Speech is trained. Yes, I'm using SHIFT KEY to talk to Tower3D. Yes, the command I'm using is the exact syntax. Yes, the sound drivers are the latest. Yes, the microphone is working(how I would be able to talk to Cortana if the mic isn't working?) Yes, I'm using a USB mic. Yes, I did reinstall the voice pack. game.log speech.log
  10. Here are my screenshots: Speech Settings Language Settings Sound Settings Antivirus Exclusions Programs running as Administrator Did I miss something?
  11. They just delete it without even telling you way or giving you an answer? What kind of customer service is that?
  12. I posted this yesterday and "someone" deleted my comment, don't know exactly why. So I'm here to post again. The speech is not working in game. This is the error in the speech.log file: recog_start re BabbleTimeout: False re Cancelled: False re InitialSilenceTimeout: False re InputStreamEnded: False re Error: Internal error occurred in the recognition process. Please help. And if you are going to delete my comment at least give me a reason.
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